Essential Hardware Gear to Have for Winter Camping

December 27, 2021

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Essential Hardware Gear to Have for Winter Camping

Winter camping has many benefits, such as fewer bugs and crowds as you experience the peacefulness of a winter wonderland. However, inadequately preparing for a winter camping trip can leave you cold and uncomfortable. To ensure your next camping trip is a success, you’ll want to pack some essential hardware gear from DutchWare.

6 Pieces of Hardware to Pack on Your Next Winter Camping Trip

Whether you’re hammock camping or setting up a tent, the camping gear you bring will affect your trip. Hardware for camping in winter weather must be able to withstand cold and wet conditions for long periods without corroding to keep you and your gear safe. Another factor to keep in mind is the ability to use your hardware while wearing heavy mittens or gloves to keep you as warm as possible. Six pieces of essential hardware gear for camping from DutchWare include:


  1. Titanium UL Sand/Snow Anchors: Titanium UL Sand/Snow Anchors work well in sand, snow, scree, or soft soil. Each anchor uses high-quality Titanium Grade-5 for a lightweight and strong hardware option.
  2. Tarp Flyz (Pair): These Tarp Flyz are unique devices that allow campers to connect their tarps to a tree without actually tying or untying knots. Our Tarp Flyz are versatile pieces of hardware, and campers can operate them while wearing mittens.
  3. Beetle Buckles (Pair): Beetle Buckles are lightweight titanium buckles that can withstand the harshest elements. Use our Beetle Buckles on Chamelon hammocks to disconnect suspension that has become wet from the snow and store it separately from your hammock.
  4. Titanium Ultralight Ascent Tent Stake: The Titanium Ultralight Ascent Tent Stake is a versatile tool and will easily secure your shelter in sand or snow. Each stake has a reflective cord to improve the removal process.
  5. Ringworm: Ringworm is all-weather, durable hardware for an easy grip, no knot tie out to simplify the process of staking out your guy lines. The easy-grip tab makes it easy to adjust your guy lines, even with gloves or mittens on.
  6. Slidelock Side Release Buckle: Use this buckle on bags or backpacks to quickly access the contents inside, even with heavy gloves or mittens on.


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Whether you’re looking for winter camping gear or would like to go camping throughout the year, DutchWare offers a wide selection to help you find what you need. Our hardware is lightweight and durable to comfortably fit in your bag and keep you dry and safe no matter the elements. Browse our selection or fill out our contact form to learn more about our hardware and gear!

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