Netless Hammocks


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DutchWare Netless Camping Hammocks come hemmed with a triple-sewn channel on each end. Stitched by our talented seamstresses in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Netless Camping Hammocks are lightweight and come equipped with a double-ended stuff sack for easy deployment and storage. Netless Camping Hammocks can easily be made to go camping with socks and nets. 

Choose from a Netless Fabric Layer 1 and an optional outer layer for DutchWare’s 11-foot or 12-foot netless hammocks. Hammock options include:

  • Dual Knotty Mod: Creates a more comfortable lay by keeping extra hammock fabric controlled
  • Structural Ridgeline: Non-stretchy, tight, and regulates the amount of sag on the hammock
  • Suspension: Suspension systems keep your hammock off the ground 
  • Various patterns and colors: Choose from a wide range of Print2Fabric patterns and standard solid colors

Why Buy Netless Camping Hammocks From DutchWare?

When you choose DutchWare for your Netless Camping Hammocks, you’ll enjoy:

  • Everything you need for do-it-yourself (DIY) gear and hammock camping at competitive prices.
  • A bulletproof guarantee against all manufacturer defects.
  • Premium products and fast turnaround times for all hiking, camping, and backpacking products from a U.S. manufacturer.

Shop Netless Camping Hammocks for sale today and see for yourself why our customers love our innovative, easy-to-use, and ultralight camping hammocks. Or, reach out to a DutchWare representative online and let us take your outdoor experience to the next level.