Tarps with Dyneema® Composite Fabric


Tarps With Dyneema® Composite Fabric

Dyneema® Composite Fabrics, formerly Cuben Fiber, enhance the durability and strength of your outdoor tarp. These fabrics are manufactured by Dyneema® for the hardcore hammock camper. These composite fabrics are 15x stronger than steel and carry an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio. These tarps are waterproof, resist fading from UV light, and stay strong even when exposed to chemicals.

Dyneema® Composite Tarps We Sell

  • Asym: Weighs 3.27 ounces and features an 11-foot ridgeline. The Asym tent is 106″ wide and comes in white, olive green, or camo
  • Hex: Weighs 6.9 ounces with an 11-foot ridgeline. Hex model is 8′ 6″ wide with two ridgeline and four ground tie-outs
  • Winter: Has an 11 and 12-foot ridgeline. The Winter tarp is 8′ 6″ wide and features added side doors. This model has eight ground and two ridgeline tie-outs
  • Rectangle: The high-end laminate material makes for an ultralight yet entirely waterproof hammock tarp. Super strong tarp fabric ensures it can stand the tests of weather and time to keep you dry in any situation.

Dyneema® Composite Fabric sheets are also available by the yard.