Planning and making your own hammock gear is a fun undertaking because you’re building something that meets your exact wants and needs for the perfect hang.

At DutchWare, we support your motivation and desire to create your own gear, which is why we offer a bounty of hardware, like our high-quality and durable hammock zippers as well as other materials in our Make Your Gear emporium.

Zippers for Hammocks

Our selection of zippers for hammocks includes double-tab zipper pulls and a variety of coil zippers. The patent-pending 2-Way Separating Zipper is a popular choice for campers and backpackers building hammocks with attachable bugnets and top covers.

The nylon zipper is lightweight. It also differs from other two-way separating zippers, which open from the outside, by unlocking in the middle. The convenient opening lets you access the zippers from the comfort of your hammock, instead of trying to reach a zipper that’s at the head of your hammock.

We offer the do-it-yourself (DIY) hammock zipper in number three or five sizes and 103-, 115 and 208-inch lengths, so it can fit every hammock and design plan you have. If you’re looking for longer lengths, we offer another coil zipper that’s sold by the foot in number three or five sizes.

Waterproof DIY Hammock Zippers

Build the ultimate waterproof gear with our waterproof DIY hammock zippers. You can use these zippers for more than your hammock’s bugnet or top cover. Try them on your packs, sleeping bags and more.

We offer these waterproof coil zippers in a number three size that’s sold by the foot, so you can get the length you need without multiple orders for smaller lengths of zippers for hammocks and other projects.

You’ll want to pick up our Double Tab Zipper Pulls to complete your DIY project. These zippers are compatible with number three and number five zipper sizes and let you open your zipper from the outside or inside, which is perfect if you’re using the zipper for your hammock.

Our Guarantee for DIY Hammock Zippers

Our DIY hammock zippers come with the DutchWare guarantee. We manufacture and produce our projects by working with local manufacturers in the U.S. who produce durable and high-quality products. That’s why we offer a guarantee against all manufacturer defects.

We also provide a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your hammock zippers, or maybe feel you should have chosen a different zipper for your hammock, you’re welcome to return or exchange the product.

Start browsing our selection of DIY hammock zippers or contact us for more information.