Under Quilts



Hammocks let you rest outdoors with stability and comfort by swaddling you in durable material. But for hammock camping to be a truly year-round hobby, it’s essential to have insulation for the cold and windy nights that pop up. So you never have to worry about waking up with a chilly back, consider buying a hammock underquilt.

While you can always bring along a blanket from home, they’re often weighty and not compressible enough, which eats up space for the rest of your gear. Besides, spreading out extra cover on top of yourself isn’t addressing the bottom half of you that’s suspended from the ground.

Underquilts are designed to conform to the curved shape of most hammocks. They’re thicker coverings made by stuffing pre-cut baffles with insulation. The construction allows the underquilt to flex around the hang of the hammock and make a tight seal, surrounding everything from your head to your toes.

Underquilts are made from different types of insulating material. Check the temperature rating before you purchase to learn the coldest recommended conditions of an underquilt for sale. A rating of 0 degrees Fahrenheit will have slightly more insulation than one rated at 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Think ahead to the conditions you’ll be using your hammock in. Fortunately, the difference between temperature ratings will add only a slight amount of weight in most circumstances.

Primary and Secondary Suspension

An underquilt is typically attached using a system similar to that which hangs the hammock. Some of these products come with pairs of hooks or carabiners that will connect directly to your hammock suspension.

The primary suspension is a thicker strap that provides a slight lift for your lower body and prevents sag and compression. The secondary suspension can be tightened and loosened to let the underquilt slide where it’s necessary. Both suspensions work together to create a perfect fit that leaves no gaps for cold air to seep in.

Other Underquilt Accessories

If you’re sitting outside of your hammock, you can enjoy the same insulation with underquilts for camping chairs. These are covers that fit most styles of high- or low-back chairs, and they have shock cords to stretch to the corners of the structure. With chair underquilts, your back will stay toasty while you face the campfire.

If you’d like to keep your underquilt clean, dry, and protected from the elements, add an underquilt protector, which will slip over the bottom insulation. Most protectors have shock cording that attaches to the hammock suspension. Some can pull upward for extra adjustment along the sides, fitting snugly to the underquilt. An extra layer can help protect you and the underquilt’s material from the biting wind and rain.

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