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Bottom Entry Bugnet


DutchWare Hammock Bugnets

Our bottom entry bugnets for hammock camping are available in two sizes. We have a 10-footer that weighs just 6.5 ounces and an 11-footer that weighs only seven ounces.

We know the last thing any outdoorsy person wants to do after a full day of activity is struggle with a bugnet. That’s why we made it easy to get our bug netting hammocks on a net-less hammock.

DutchWare hammock bugnets have a shock cord on the bottom and a cord lock that makes it a breeze to cinch them to the bottom of your hammock or underquilt. They are made with Nanoseeum as well.

DutchWare Hammock Socks

We offer two DutchWare hammock socks: our summer sock and our Argon vented winter sock. Our summer sock is the perfect complement to a hammock that has a ridgeline. These lightweight hammock socks are available in 10-foot and 11-foot lengths. Made with Argon 90 and Nanoseeum, our summer socks are designed to be breathable while incorporating a high-quality DWR for superior quilt protection.

Our summer sock has a full-length Nanoseeum panel that you can turn easily to adjust venting to a comfortable level. This sock is available in black.

Like our summer DutchWare hammock socks, our winter socks have a Nanoseeum panel you can turn to adjust venting or completely encase yourself in your hammock. Our lightweight winter hammock socks are available in the same lengths and color as our summer socks. Our breathable winter hammock socks are made to work seamlessly with hammocks that have a ridgeline.

Our summer and winter camping socks are also tapered on one end and they have a convenient drawstring on the other. Neither sock comes with a stuff sack, but you can order our Cuben Fiber double stuff sack that weighs less than an ounce.

Order your lightweight DutchWare hammock bugnets and socks today! For more information on product specifications and other hammock gear, contact us today.