Bonded Xenon Tarps


Bonded Camping Tarps

Setting up camp and sleeping underneath the stars is an exciting experience. If the storm clouds start to roll in, it’s crucial to have gear stay dry and comfortable. Our bonded camping tarps are durable and lightweight, making them the perfect companion on any backpacking trip.

Benefits of Bonded Tarps

Bonded Xenon tarps offer tough protection against any weather. You can easily repair them with our repair tape in case of emergencies. No more need for seam sealing your ridgeline or side panel pullouts either, as these waterproof bonded tarps prevent leaks.

Other benefits also include:

  • Quick Dry Tarp: Since bonded seams don’t hold moisture, they dry faster than grosgrain ridgelines.
  • Strong Bonded Reinforced Ridgeline: This reinforcement ensures no perforation where stitches can pull, making for a stronger, more waterproof backpacking tarp.
  • Easy Installation of Side Panel Pullouts: They can be installed anywhere on the tarp following the setup.

Types of Bonded Tarps We Offer

At DutchWare, we strive to provide you with the strongest xenon tarps possible. We have created lightweight, seamless hammock tarps to keep the weather out whenever you need it. They are easily storable in stuff sacks, making them convenient to bring on your next adventure. Our bonded tarps include:

  • Standard Width Hex Bonded Tarp: This tarp provides improved protection with its unique shape and seamless finish.
  • Rectangle Bonded Tarp: This bonded tarp offers you more flexibility, so you can focus on your surroundings.
  • Winter Bonded Tarp: This waterproof bonded tarp keeps the warm air in and the cold air out, protecting you from extreme conditions.

Types of Fabric You Can Create Bonded Tarps With

We create our Xenon bonded tarps with lightweight, waterproof, and durable fabric for you and your hammock. The materials we use and offer, include:

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