Hammock Accessories



Accessories may be optional, but we know experienced and novice hikers alike find some accessories — like a ridgeline or a summer sock — to be a must-have. At DutchWare, we offer lightweight hammock accessories and equipment to meet your backpacking and camping needs.

Lightweight Hammock Accessories

You’ll find we offer a small selection of lightweight hammock accessories. We’re dedicated to a minimalist approach when it comes to backpacking or hiking, so we focus on only offering essential accessories.

Our accessory lineup includes:

  • ARGON vented winter sock
  • ARGON summer sock
  • Bottom entry bugnet
  • ARGON pillow
  • Ultralight inflatable pillow

Dutch, our founder, comes up with and designs most of DutchWare’s products, like our summer and winter socks. His focus is on creating useful and lightweight hammock accessories that still allow you to take a minimalist approach to hiking or camping.

Hammock accessories for camping and backpacking help you recharge after a day of hiking. A restful sleep, uninterrupted by bugs or cold temperatures, helps you stay asleep throughout the night so you can wake up refreshed and ready to go.

Lightweight Hammock Equipment

Our lightweight hammock equipment ensures your backpacking hammock accessories, like our ARGON vented winter sock, are set up in a way that doesn’t disturb your sleep. We also offer equipment that ensures your hammock has a 30-degree angle every time it’s hung.

Most of our lightweight hammock equipment focuses on ridgelines. We offer adjustable and structural ridgelines, as well as Titanium Ridgeline Biners and black rings, for ridgeline setups. Ridgelines are essential if you’re using common accessories like summer and winter socks, tarps or bugnets.

Ridgelines are also useful because they give your hammock consistent sag, which gives you more support so you can sleep soundly and wake up feeling great.

Our utility hook, another piece of our lightweight hammock equipment, also attaches to ridgelines. Use it to store empty stuff sacks under your tarp or hold other key items, like glasses, that you want to keep with you during the night.

Our Lightweight Hammock Accessories Guarantee

We’re dedicated to creating quality and innovative products that make a difference in your camping or backpacking trips, which is why we offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on our items. If you aren’t satisfied with an item after it arrives, we’ll accept and refund your purchase.

DutchWare also offers a bulletproof guarantee against all manufacturer defects. If you find anything wrong with your item, such as your bottom entry bugnet, contact us and we’ll exchange your damaged product for a new one.

Contact us to learn more about our guarantees or simply start browsing our selection of high-quality and lightweight hammock accessories and equipment.