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Just like people, hammocks come in different shapes and sizes, and it’s important to find the right fit to ensure you have a comfortable camping experience.

Our DutchWare big and tall hammocks are specially designed with strong fabrics to accommodate the needs of heavier and taller individuals. You’ll have confidence that your hammock will stand up to harsh weather while providing you with the strength and comfort you need.

Our Wide Camping Hammocks

Our wide camping hammocks are ideal for individuals over 6 feet, 1 inch in height and provide the perfect combination of comfort and strength. Check out the big and tall hammocks we offer for heavier people:

  • The 12 FooterMade from our Nylon D Wide 1.7 fabric and using a diamond weave, this hammock can hold up to 350 pounds.
  • Wide 11-Foot Netless HammocksThis wide hammock body now gives you the option of a single or double fabric layer sewn in and holds up to 350 pounds.
  • Wide Chameleon Hammock BodyVersatile and adaptable, the Chameleon body uses a lightweight but sturdy fabric that can hold up to 350 pounds. 
  • Chameleon Wide Hammock CompleteComes with our wide Chameleon hammock plus more to enhance your big camping hammock experience.
  • Complete Wide Chameleon Hammock PackageThis Chameleon package can hold up to 350 pounds and includes everything you’ll need to get out in the woods.
  • Wide Half ZippedThis basic 11-foot hammock can hold up to 350 pounds and features a half sewn-in bugnet with a zipper on one side.
  • Complete Wide Netted Hammock PackagePersonalize your Wide Half Zipped experience with this kit that includes everything you’ll need to start hammock camping.

Benefits of Wide Hammocks

Are you looking for extra space in your camping hammock? Wide hammocks are great for larger individuals, as they can provide increased strength and extra room for comfort. They give you an additional 12 inches of space that allows you to:

  • Store extra items
  • Lay in a variety of different positions
  • Sit without strain on the fabric

These hammocks are also perfect for larger gatherings, serving as a place to sit and stretch out with friends. A wide, high-weight-limit hammock gives you comfortable options for taking in the great outdoors in any way you choose.

Our Big and Tall Hammock for Large Campers

The 12 Footer, our premier big camping hammock, is perfect for giving large campers the space they need while maintaining superior strength and durability. This high-weight-limit hammock can hold up to 350 pounds and measures 68 inches wide. It also incorporates a hardy diamond weave and has a significant weight-to-strength ratio designed to make hammock camping comfortable for heavier guys and gals.

How Much Weight Can a Hammock Hold?

Hammocks typically have a weight limit of 200 to 800 pounds, determined by the hammock type, materials used, thickness of the stitching, and mounting points. At DutchWare, we have designed our lightweight wide hammocks to hold any weight up to 350 pounds thanks to our specially designed fabrics.

Shop Heavy-Duty Wide Hammocks From Dutchware

We are your one-stop shop for all of your hammock needs. With our reputation for quality designs and premium materials, you can have confidence that your DutchWare big and tall hammock delivers the best in breathability, strength, and comfort.

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