Complete Suspensions


Complete Hammock Suspensions Kits

Hammock camping has long been lauded as a lightweight sleeping option for novice and experienced campers alike who want to make the most of their time in the great outdoors. Perhaps the most challenging part of setting up this simple shelter is determining the best suspension solution and learning how to use them for maximum comfort and security.

With DutchWare’s collection of hammock suspension systems, you’re sure to find an easy-to-use, affordable, and secure hammock suspension kit that caters to your needs.

Hammock Suspensions Systems Hardware

Most suspensions systems come with three crucial components to properly secure your hammock in place for the night:

  • Tree huggers: These sturdy straps wrap around the trees you’ll use to mount your hammock. They’re wide and textured to gain leverage on the tree and maintain their positions once you put weight on the hammock. They must be durable enough to hold their own against tree bark, and each strap system in our catalog is tested rigorously to withstand such forces through multiple uses.
  • Loops: Loops work opposite tree huggers, attaching to your hammock instead of the tree. When exploring your options for complete hammock suspensions, make sure the loops included in your kit are compatible with the hammock you plan to use.
  • Hooks: This part brings it all together, securing your loops and straps. It is usually made from metal and is the most vital tool in determining your hammock’s weight limit. As such, they come in many forms, including cinches, buckles, hooks, clips, and biners. Pay close attention to each of their weight limits before making your decision, and before you take them out on your first trip, ensure you know precisely how to mount them to ensure they can meet your holding expectations.

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DutchWare Gear’s selection of complete hammock suspensions includes kits using the most well-known industry standards, including beetle buckleswhoopie hooksspiders, and cinch buckles. Learn more about how each of these kits works, then place an order with us today.