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Lightweight Hammock Ridgelines

Hammock ridgelines are a great hammock accessory to have when you’re hammocking, tree hanging, or backpacking. They protect you from insects and the weather by holding up tarps or attaching to bug nets and top covers. We also like ridgeline cords at DutchWare because they help create the perfect pitch for your hammock, giving it greater comfort and that signature smile.

We offer two types of structural hammock ridgelines: fixed and adjustable ridgelines.

Structural Ridgelines for Hammocks

Our lightweight structural hammock ridgelines offer comfort, protection and a consistent hang. Some users even like to use the structural ridgelines to hang their glasses if their hammock doesn’t have an exterior storage compartment. We offer two different types of structural ridgelines:

  • Adjustable Ridgelines: Adjustable ridgelines are offered in Whoopie Slings or Universal Constrictor Rope (UCR). We provide Titanium Ridgeline Biners and Black Rings so you can create your own adjustable ridgelines for your lightweight hammock. Our Titanium Ridgeline Biners make it easy to disconnect your ridgeline so you can lounge without going through a series of steps.
  • Fixed Ridgelines: Fixed ridgelines are available in lengths of 100 and 110 inches to match typical hammock lengths of 10 and 11 feet. The lengths of our fixed ridgelines also adhere to the rule that your ridgeline should be about 83 percent of the length of your hammock. An 11-foot-long hammock, for example, has a fixed ridgeline length of around 108 inches.

Continuous Ridgelines for Tarps

Continuous ridgelines for hammocks are ideal for centering tarps over your hammock.

To make a continuous ridgeline, you’ll need an appropriate piece of cord as well as hardware like our Dutch Hook or Stingers. You’ll want a cord that’s low-stretch and has a breaking strength of at least 400 pounds.

Create an adjustable prusik knot near the end of your cord and then wrap one end around the tree you’re using for your tarp’s suspension system. Fasten your hardware onto the cord and prusik knot, creating a V-shape, and then clasp the hardware onto your hammock’s tarp.

Repeat for the other side and voila! You have a continuous ridgeline for your hammock’s tarp.

Our Guarantee for Lightweight Hammock Ridgelines

Our products and hardware at DutchWare are manufactured in the U.S., meaning you have access to thoughtfully designed, high-quality items at a price that’s fair and competitive. In the very unlikely event that your item breaks due to an imperfection, we’ll stand behind our guarantee against manufacturer defects and replace the item.

We also offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If you’ve had a look at your new tarp for your continuous ridgeline, for example, and aren’t sure about it, we’re happy to accept your return or exchange. Just reach out and contact us.

Learn more about our products for continuous or structural ridgelines for hammocks or contact us for more information. We’re more than happy to talk about the gear behind structural and continuous ridgelines for hammock tarps.