Banyan Bridge


Banyan Bridge – Bridge-Style Camping Hammocks

The Banyan Bridge Hammock, created from the influence of our Chameleon Hammock, adapts as you hike through the seasons. Whether you want to go netless or outfit this modular bridge-style hammock with a top cover or net, these hammocks are great for backpacking or lounging. 

Why Choose Banyan Bridge Camping Hammocks?

Made of a single-layer Hexon 1.6 fabric for incredible strength, the Banyan Bridge Hammock is built for comfort and versatility. 

Because it uses the same zipper as the Chameleon, the Banyan Bridge can swap out covers. You can go topless or get a winter cover, which is a full ARGON 90 cover with a generous vent area. Two ridgelines give the Banyan Bridge Camping Hammock a spacious feel on the inside while ensuring you have a consistent hang every time.

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Shop Bridge Camping Hammocks From DutchWare

Hammocks are popular for sleeping due to their breathability, lightweight feel, and versatility. 

DutchWare is a U.S. manufacturer offering the highest quality hammocks on the market, as well as no-knot hardware to make setup easy. Buy a bridge camping hammock today or contact us with any questions about our Banyan Bridge Hammock.