Never underestimate the impact of bug and rain gear on hammock camping on your outdoor, overnight trip. Sudden showers or warmer-than-expected temperatures can all damper your trip outdoors when you’re left with bug bites and wet clothes and gear.

We offer high-quality, reliable waterproof gear for hammock camping at DutchWare, as well as durable bug gear, so you can fully embrace and enjoy the scenery on your backpacking trip.

Waterproof Gear for Hammock Camping

Our selection of waterproof gear for hammock camping will keep you and your gear dry through any rainstorm. One of our customer’s favorite pieces of rain gear for hammock camping is our Waterproof Pack Cover.

Backpackers love the Waterproof Pack Cover for a few reasons:

  • It’s lightweight. Our Waterproof Pack Cover is made from silnylon — one of the lightest waterproof nylons on the market. The cover weighs less than two ounces.
  • It’s inexpensive. Our pack cover is one of the least expensive pack covers available for hammock packing, giving you a quality item for a fair price.
  • It’s compatible. Our waterproof cover is compatible with both medium and large packs, like the ULA Catalyst and OHM 2.0 packs, as well as the Golite Jam 50 and REI Flash 45.

If you’re looking for multipurpose rain gear for hammock camping, our 2T’s Hammock Chair may be your answer. The lightweight and versatile chair can be used as a pack cover, a water and wash bin, or even a mini tarp.

Our lightweight rain skirt, or kilt, is another popular rain gear item for hammock camping.

It’s completely waterproof and is made entirely from ARGON sil. The skirt also features a unique fastening system and adjustable 46-inch waistline, so you can easily wear it over your clothing to stay dry. It stores in a handy stuff sack, which is integrated as a pocket into the lightweight rain skirt.

Bug Gear for Hammock Camping

Bug gear is just as valuable as waterproof gear for hammock camping. Protect yourself from flying, crawling and biting insects with our bug gear for hammock camping.

We offer a No-See-Um Head Net, as well as No-See-Um Pants and Jacket. Our No-See-Um Head Net is wearable with numerous types of hats, like sun and rain hats. The net also works as a handy bag for storing items, like dirty socks or snacks.

Our pants and jacket create a No-See-Um suit against bugs. Elastic cords are located at the hood, wrists, waist and ankles to stop bugs from crawling up beneath the netting. Go a step further and apply insect repellent to the jacket and pants before putting on the suit.

Check out our selection of bug and waterproof gear for hammock camping to prep for your next outdoor backpacking adventure. And buy with confidence — all our items include a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and a guarantee against all manufacturer defects. Contact us today! Call us at 717-947-7849