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Hammock camping is at its most enjoyable when you have the confidence of knowing a tarp is overhead to shelter you from the unexpected. Tarp shelters protect you from elements like rain, snow, and overhead debris.

But tying them down or keeping them properly suspended takes practice with knots. Knotting these tarp tieouts may become doubly difficult as light is fading or as the weather worsens. That’s why we’ve created metal tieouts that require no knots and only a minute to attach to a guy line. This allows anyone to properly suspend or tie down their hammock with ease.

DutchWare Tieouts

The hammock tarp tieouts we offer share only one thing with their parasitic namesake: the ability to latch on tight. The tieout models we have for sale include:

  • Ringworm — Made of lightweight aluminum, our ringworm hardware is usually used for tarp guy lines. They come with an easy-grip ring tab that makes tensioning your guy lines simple and alleviates the need for knots. Because of the ring, these tieouts work great in winter weather and let you keep your gloves on when adjusting your lines. As an added bonus, you can hook the doors of your tarp closed with the Ringworm
  • Fleaz — Our Fleaz are versatile. They can be used as a prussic on your ridgeline or a fastener for your guide outs, or even used to tension your stakes. Each weighs less than a gram.
  • Hookworms — Similar to our Tarpworm, our Hookworms’ little hook lets you quickly remove tieouts and rehook them to a 3/32-inch shock cord at your tieout points. Hookworms work best with this 3/32 cord but can be adjusted slightly to accommodate a 1/8-inch line. You can also order one with 6 feet of Zing-It!™ or Lash-It!™ line, but the sections will have a bury on one end so they can’t be removed from the Hookworm.
  • Tarpworms — Our lightweight Tarpworms provide a way to tie out and tension your hammock tarp with one convenient device. It is as simple as pulling the staked-out cord and looping it around the Tarpworm tail. Release is as simple as pulling the cord again. All our Tarpworms are sold with 3/32-inch shock cord attached, but you have the option to replace that with Zing-It!™ rope.
  • Silkworms — Our Silkworm is similar to our Tarpworm, but built with a slot on one end so you can attach it to your tarp.

You may order our hammock tieouts as hardware only, with 6 feet of shock cord loop spliced on, or with other cord depending on the tieout style. DutchWare’s tieouts are made in the USA.

DutchWare Has the Hardware Your Tarp Needs

At DutchWare, we are proud to offer you hardware that allows you to do it yourself. All of our products are durable, lightweight, and trail-ready. In addition to the tieouts we have in stock, we also offer you the ability to customize your own. We offer quality and satisfaction guarantees on all of our products.

If you have any questions about how our tieouts work, their uses, or how you can customize one, please contact us today.