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Two Person Camping Hammocks

Whether you’ve spent the day hiking or promised your kids a night of s’mores under the stars, getting quality sleep is crucial to your trip’s success. While the ease of packing might tempt you, sharing a single hammock comes with an array of issues. The solution? Sleeping in a 2 person camping hammock!

Two person hammocks have several benefits over single-person hammocks:

  • Keep your partner/children close
  • Sleep more comfortably
  • Reduce weight in your packs
  • Share insulation

Two Person Hammock Options

At DutchWare, we’ve carefully designed our selection of double person sleeping solutions to fit your camping needs.

The Clark Vertex Ultra is a two person hammock tent with separate sleeping areas for you and your fellow camper. Keep your belongings dry by putting them in the storage area between the sleeping wells.

If sleeping in separate hammocks placed close together is more your style, the Two Person Chameleon Package is perfect for you. These two single hammocks share a bugnet, which means you’ll have extra space in your pack. Set up individual hammocks separated by the included spreader bar for your own sleeping wells. Then, just zip the bugnet over both hammocks.

Accessories for Two Person Hiking Hammocks

Using appropriate accessories to convert individual hammocks into doubles is another option. From hardware to tarps, DutchWare has you covered.

The most important product for conversion is the spreader bar. Our Beetle Buckle Complete Suspension kit includes hardware, webbing, continuous loops, and the spreader bar. DutchWare designed this package for the Chameleon model, but it’s compatible with other hammocks as well.

Our Double Hammock Whoopie Hooks have two holes instead of one so you can use them with a spreader bar. To use this product, hang your hammocks a bit higher and attach the hammocks at the head end. If you want to use your hammock alone, disconnect the two and set them up separately.

Another way to connect your hammocks uses our Double Dutch Bugnet. This product is only compatible with our Chameleon hammocks because of their unique zipper. Just zip this connective bug netting over both hammocks. Note that this product should always be used as an addition to the Beetle Buckle Suspension kit.

Finally, stay out of the rain with a Two Person Tarp from DutchWare. When you use two person hiking hammocks, you get to enjoy packing just one tarp instead of two. This tarp keeps you dry and provides a spacious shelter for you and your fellow campers. When you place your order for this two person tarp, you’ll receive a 52″ tarp pole mod and stuff sack.

Get Your Double Person Camping Hammock Today

DutchWare sells gear for the camping enthusiast, and we know you want the best sleeping solutions available. We’ve designed our selection of two person camping hammocks and accessories to fit your needs and show you a new, fun way to camp in your hammock.

Instead of losing sleep on your next trip, buy a two person camping hammock from DutchWare today!