Benefits of X-Pac Fabric

X-Pac materials are designed to withstand harsh conditions while providing unparalleled durability and strength. Initially created by sailors to revolutionize the way sails were manufactured, these fabrics are wonderfully versatile and will be excellent additions to your camping gear arsenal.

These fabrics have sleek designs and add many practical benefits, including extreme lightweight fabrics with exceptional tear resistance. These X-Pac materials come with a multi-layered laminate design and a fiber reinforcement. You’ll find superior waterproof capabilities with a PSI of 200 in many of our options, including the VX03, VX07, and VX25 styles.

Types of X-Pac Material We Sell

Our team at DutchWare strives to bring you the highest-quality products you need to elevate your DIY camping gear projects. The X-Pac materials we offer include:

  • X-Pac VX03: This is a heavy-duty fabric with excellent tear resistance due to its 30/40D double rip-stop Nylon front and its 50D polyester taffeta backing.
  • X-Pac VX07: Finished with a DWR finish and a double layer design with a 70D double rip-stop Nylon face and a 50D polyester back, this durable fabric is perfect for packs and bags.
  • X-Pac VX21: This is a high-performance material built with 210 denier face to withstand water. It offers superior tear resistance and stands up to harsh conditions. 
  • X-Pac RVX25: This polyester laminate fabric is a strong option for your DIY outdoor gear needs with a DWR finish and superior tear resistance. 
  • Liteskin LS07: This incredibly lightweight, flexible X-Pac fabric makes packing easy when preparing for a day hike or long run.
  • Liteskin LS21: Create durable and waterproof backpacks, daypacks, rain gear, and more with this popular abrasion-resistant, flexible X-Pac material

Browse our selection of X-Pac materials that will take your camping adventures to the next level.