Mesh Fabrics


Benefits of Mesh Fabric for Your Outdoor Gear

No matter where you adventure, bugs and insects can often find their way into your space, and heat and moisture can add to the difficult experience. Mesh fabric works wonders to protect your restful night’s sleep beneath the stars.

Due to mesh materials’ design and netting properties, they offer significant breathability. This will help you stay cool and dry as you benefit from increased air circulation throughout your hammock.

Add our Nano Noseeum Bug Netting for outstanding defense against pesky ants or mosquitoes while you refresh for the next day full of excitement. While we design our mesh fabrics to be lightweight, we also focus on their strength and durability against harsh conditions and repeated use. Try out our Cloud 71 ultralight hammock fabric, which is made from 20 denier nylon monofilaments and can handle over 100 pounds.

Uses of Mesh Fabrics

Mesh netting fabric provides endless possibilities to enhance your camping experience in your favorite national park or local preserve. Some common uses of our outdoor mesh fabrics include:

  • Use as bug netting for tents and hammocks.</span >
  • Sew to the inside of sleeping bags or quilts to prevent filling from moving.</span >
  • Design comfortable backpack straps.
  • Create clothing.
  • Use as the base for your hammock.

Why Buy Your Mesh Fabric From DutchWare?

At DutchWare, we offer a variety of mesh fabrics by the yard to help you create DIY outdoor gear camping projects. We only use the strongest materials to give you confidence that your mesh fabrics will stand up to the most demanding use and conditions. We pride ourselves on the value we bring to our customers’ camping experiences, and we work hard to continue innovating and pushing boundaries.

Ready to take your camping gear to the next? Browse our collection of mesh fabric today!