DIY Hammock Insulation for Under Quilts

DIY hammock insulation lets you create under quilts that provide the amount of fluff, padding and warmth you want on those brisk, cold nights outdoors.

We offer a selection of hammock insulation, like our 850 Grey Goose Down insulation. What’s great about this item is it has a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish, so even if your quilt becomes wet, your insulation stays dry and fresh. This product comes in handy three-ounce bags.

Our Reflectix insulation for hammocks offers support you’ll find useful for padding sleeping pads, cozies or even your shoes. We sell Reflectix by the foot that’s 12 inches wide, which is convenient if you’re using it to create padding for your hammock — DutchWare hammocks are 10 to 11 inches wide.

Climashield® APEX Hammock Insulation

Our hammock insulation for DIY projects includes several options from Climashield® APEX, which has more than 25 years of experience in producing continuous filament insulation for hammocks. It’s the lightest weight and most thermally efficient insulation on the market.

Climashield® APEX has several insulation weight options so you can build under quilts that keep you warm in the coldest conditions, without lugging a heavy under quilt around on every hike. Weight options for your hammock insulation include 2.5, 3.6 and 6.0 ounces. The continuous filament insulation is 60 inches wide.

You’ll find the 2.5 ounce is perfect for summer quilts, while the 3.6 keeps you comfortable during the fall months. Choose the 6.0 if you’re backpacking and hammocking during the winter months to stay warm throughout the night and early morning.

Like our Grey Goose Down insulation, the hammock insulation from Climashield® APEX repels water. It also lets any moisture from your body exit, so you don’t wake up cold if you’ve sweated throughout the evening. The insulation traps in your body’s heat as well to help keep you warm as temperatures drop throughout the night.

Our Guarantee for Hammock Insulation

We’re confident in the quality of the products we manufacture and sell here at DutchWare, which is why we offer a guarantee against any manufacturer defects. We’re also focused on your satisfaction. That’s why we include a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee with every purchase.

Find out more about our insulation for DIY under quilts by checking out our products. You’re also welcome to contact us with any questions about choosing insulation or padding for your next DIY project.