Equipment and Tools for Gear Repair


Rips, breaks and tears happen when you’re outdoors, even with the most durable and reliable of materials. At DutchWare, we offer a catalog of repair tools for your hammocks, quilts, tarps and more. We also have a family of tools for a do-it-yourself (DIY) hammock and other outdoor gear projects.

Tools for DIY Outdoor Gear Repair

Grab from our selection of tools for DIY hammock repairs before your next backpacking trip, so you’re prepared to patch or fix any seal breaks or tears.

If your hammock or other camping supplies, like packs or tarps, feature silnylon or a silicone treatment, you’ll want to pack the Permatex Silicone Sealer. This sealer creates a clear seal that’s waterproof and durable. It sinks into the fabric for a seal that lasts and is unaffected by vibration and extreme temperatures.

Our Tenacious Tape Tattoos are a fun hammock repair tool, whether you’re backpacking with your kids or friends. The tattoos are patches for repairing rips, tears and holes that feature camping and wildlife designs to add a bit of character to your gear.

If you’re waiting with anticipation for your hammock or jacket to rip just so you can use the Bigfoot sticker, these patches are also approved for decorative use on your jacket and pack, or even your car. The patches have an ultra-aggressive adhesive, so you don’t have to worry about them peeling from the sun or rain.

Tools For Making Your Own Hammock Gear

Our tools for DIY hammock gear let you do your project shopping in one place. At DutchWare, you can pick out your fabric, hardware and tools to start your project in one place. Our tools are also perfect for maintaining items, like down comforters and sleeping bags.

We offer Gear Aid®’s ReviveX® Down Cleaner for keeping your down items fresh and fluffy. Made in the U.S., this down cleaner preserves the natural oils in your down insulation without leaving a residue or odd smell. It’s also usable on waterproof and treated insulation.

If you’re looking for DIY hammock tools for splicing rope, we also supply splicing needles and loop turners. Our splicing needle is the same one we use here at DutchWare. We offer a number 16 needle for Dynaglide, as well as Lash It and Zing It spliceable rope, plus a number 13 needle for AmSteel rope.

Our 10-inch Loop Turner Splicing Tool provides some assistance and makes your DIY project easier if you’re doing a long or short splice, like a Whoopie Sling or bury. It’s also easy to use, since you only have to insert the tool into the rope and then attach the taper to the hook to start splicing.

Check out our full selection of tools for DIY hammock repairs and DIY projects today. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. And remember, all our products come with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Contact us by calling 717-947-7849.