Hardware for Outdoor Gear


Hardware for Outdoor Gear

Having the right gear for a hammock camping excursion can make a huge difference between a fun trip and a frustrating one. You need to plan ahead to pack all the things you will need to keep your hammock off the ground and ensure it stays sturdy enough to hold you while you’re at your site. That means ordering the right pieces well ahead of time.

Popular DIY Projects We Provide Hardware For

Like hammocks or tents, outdoor gear is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution right off the shelves. People have different preferences, styles, and needs when camping, making it essential to tailor their gear to what they want.

People take on a wide variety of DIY outdoor camping gear projects with the help of our hammock supplies, including:

  • Hammocks
  • Tents
  • Tarps
  • Quilts
  • Hammock suspension systems

Our Most Popular Types of Hardware

We strive to offer the best, highest-quality supplies to make your DIY hammock tent vision come to life. At DutchWare, the most popular types of hardware we offer include:

  • Dutch Biners: These lightweight carabiners are designed for hammock suspension and have a 1,000-pound breaking strength for a sturdy hammock setup.
  • Line Lock V: Give your cords and rope the grip they need to provide a comfortable and reliable camping experience.
  • .665 Aluminum Spreader: Use these spreader bar poles to create a rectangular bridge hammock for convenient lay-flat benefits.
  • Tent Pole Clip: Add these strong pole clips to your tent to secure your poles and make sure it stands up to adverse conditions.
  • Aluminum Bridge Hammock End: This piece of outdoor gear is essential for holding everything together in your bridge hammock.

Buy Your Hardware & Make Your Own Gear

You can count on equipment from DutchWare. We guarantee our gear against manufacturer defects, and we accept returns if a product isn’t exactly what you need or didn’t live up to your expectations.

Make your next hammock camping trip your best. Buy DIY hardware from DutchWare today or contact us for more information.