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Backpacking, with hammock camping, relies on lightweight cooking equipment and gear. We take a minimalist approach when it comes to hammock camping, so we offer backpacking cooking equipment that meets your and other backpackers’ desire for lightweight, compact cooking gear.

Cooking Equipment for Backpacking

Our cooking gear for backpacking includes a few item sets:


We offer several types of stoves at DutchWare from Tato Gear and Vargo. Our available stoves are wood and alcohol burning, so you can choose a stove that fits your hiking area’s unique environment and availability of wood. Many of our stoves are built with titanium and feature lightweight designs that fold up for easy, compact storage.

You can also add to your cooking equipment for hammock camping with our Flyz Grill Top. It sears “flyz” onto your steaks — and is why our founder, Dutch, likes to say he prefers his steak medium-rare with flyz.


Fingers are a viable utensil, but when else do you have the chance to use a spork? Add our lightweight and heat-resistant sporks to your hammock camping cooking equipment set for easy eating, or upgrade to our BPA-free sprongs.

The sprongs feature a separable fork and spoon, which can combine to create a tong for flipping your Flyz grilled steaks. Compact bowl bags are also available, with our reusable Fozzils bowls featuring measuring cup lines and a non-slip grip.

Cook Pots

Our IMUSA pots and compatible Batchstovez lids are the perfect cooking gear set for hammock camping. Both items store easy, with the IMUSA Cook Pot capable of holding up to four quarts.

Liquid Storage

We offer a multitude of liquid storage containers to add to your collection of lightweight cooking equipment for hammock camping. Some can double as storage for hygienic items, like shampoo or soap, too.

Our liquid storage selection includes a variety of product from Vapur. We love Vapur products because their containers are the anti-bottle — they’re flexible, reusable and easy to store. We offer their storage for water, as well as wine and spirits.

We also supply eye dropper bottles, which are a perfect addition to your hammock camping gear if you wear contacts or have dry eyes.

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Check out our selection of hammock camping cooking equipment and gear, which comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Be sure to contact us for more information. As a reminder, all of our products are offered with a 1oo percent customer satisfaction guarantee. Contact us by calling 717-947-7849