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Ultralight Camping Hammocks

When you go backpacking, every ounce in your pack counts. You select the lightest resources and leave behind everything except the essentials you’re willing to carry. Why should your hammock be any different? When you choose the best backpacking gear, make buying an ultralight hammock first on your list.

With high-quality, lightweight products, ultralight hammock camping is comfortable and efficient. Lightweight hammocks provide the best sleep possible without adding massive amounts of weight that you’ll have to carry all day. DutchWare sells the best lightweight camping hammocks for camping and backpacking enthusiasts. Whether you’re an expert or new to ultralight hammock camping, we’ll help you find everything you need.

What to Consider When Buying a Camping Hammock

Before you start shopping for a hammock, here are some key points to consider.

  • Purpose – How will you use your hammock? When you answer this question, think about the climates where you typically camp and your favorite outdoor activities. Campers often stick to one spot while backpackers move around every day. Backpackers will want easier hammocks to transport, while campers want a hammock they can set up and leave for a few days at a time.
  • Size – Hammock size is often standard and works for most campers and backpackers. For those who require more room, wide hammocks offer 13 additional inches of space.
  • Weight – Your needs will change depending on how you plan to use your hammock. For backpacking, a lightweight hammock is essential for long distances. For camping, a more durable and heavy option may serve you better.
  • Length – Most single hammocks range between eight and 12 feet long. Backpacking and camping hammocks typically range from 10 to 12 feet. For especially tall backpackers, the 12 Footer is a great option. It provides the most length for superior comfort while sleeping.
  • Fabric – The hammock fabric you choose depends on your usage, the climate, and more. Breathable fabrics are essential for comfort, as are waterproof materials for harsh conditions. You’ll also want a strong fabric that you can trust to hold your weight. DutchWare offers variants of Hexon fabric, like the 200-pound rating Hexon 1.0 to the 350-pound rating Hexon 1.6.
  • AccessoriesHammock accessories can make camping or backpacking easier and more comfortable. Hammock socks can add warmth, and organizers and storage pockets provide easier access to necessities. Accessories for your hammock can improve your overall experience and prepare you for any circumstance.

Helpful Resources When Buying A Hammock

Lightweight Hammocks We Offer

DutchWare hammocks offer quality, reliability and comfort. Developed by our founder, Dutch, and created by experienced craftsmen, our lightweight hammocks are ideal for camping and backpacking. Plus, every hammock comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee as well as a guarantee against manufacturer defects.

Chameleon Hammock

Our Chameleon Hammock features a versatile and lightweight design that makes it the best camping hammock throughout the seasons because of its interchangeable and detachable accessories, like a bug net and vented top cover.

Our Chameleon Hammock includes patent-pending zippers that let you lay diagonally in any direction.

11-Foot Netless Hammocks

Netless backpacking hammocks from DutchWare come in standard and wide sizes. Our standard Netless Hammocks offer you a comfortable 58-inch width and 11-foot length to keep you sound asleep when hammock camping. The hammock includes a double-end stuff sack so you can tuck your hammock in to stay sap-free during the day and leave your hammock suspension out to dry if it’s damp.

Hammock Chairs

Our selection of hammock chairs includes the 2T’s Hammock Chair and the Netless Hammock Chair.

DutchWare’s 2T’s Hammock Chair is the swiss army knife when it comes to backpacking chairs. The chair is durable and packs small, making it easy to bring when backpacking, along with your lightweight hammock for camping. Choose from our high-quality fabric options to find the weight rating you need.

You can use this versatile hammock chair, which can hold up to 225 pounds, for more than just sitting. Use it as a pack cover, mini tarp, ground cloth or wash bin throughout your camping or backpacking journey.

Select a Whoopie Hook, Whoopie Sling or Continous Loop suspension for your Dutchware hammock chair and choose from five available colors to make it uniquely yours.

Half-Wit Hammock

Our Half-Wit Hammock is the ultimate lightweight backpacking hammock. The 58-inch-wide and 10.5-foot-long hammock for backpacking has an adjustable half bug net that hangs off your included ridgeline for a guaranteed seal.

A cinched gathered end, double-ended stuff sack and side pullouts are all features of your Half-Wit Hammock. A Knotty Mod is also an added benefit because it makes a foot box for either sleeping direction and prevents the hammock’s sides from gathering slack.

Half-Zipped Hammock

The Half-Zipped Hammock has the versatility to function as a netless hammock or protect you from pests with its half-sewn bugnet. The seam and zipper combination lets you roll your bugnet to the side when you’re not using it without completely detaching the netting from your hammock. When the bugs come out, just unroll and zip the bug net to the other half of your hammock. Our available Half-Zipped Hammocks are also two of our lightest full-featured hammocks.

DutchWare sells these convenient models in two sizes — the Half-Zipped Hammock and the Half-Zipped Wide. Both options are 11-foot netted hammocks, but the traditional Half-Zipped has a width of 58 inches. The wide option is 68 inches wide, which reduces squeezing on taller backpackers’ shoulders. The wider hammock also lets you lay in a flatter position.

Other Types of Hammocks We Sell

These hammocks give additional benefits like rugged protection against the elements and hammock-sharing options but aren’t going to be as lightweight.

Clark Jungle Hammocks

These military-grade jungle hammocks are your best protection against the elements and bugs. DutchWare offers four varieties of this hammock, each with unique advantages.

The Clark NX-270 is the best individual camping hammock that can keep you warm in temperatures as low as 30 degrees Farenheight. The Clark Vertex and Clark VX-Ultra are great options for hammock camping for two. The Clark VX-Ultra has a middle compartment perfect for storing backpacks or providing sleeping space to a young child. The Clark TX-270 is an excellent option for intense mosquito areas.

Banyan Bridge Hammocks

The Banyan Bridge Hammock takes inspiration from our Chameleon Hammock. It adapts throughout the seasons for constant comfort when hiking. You can use this hammock without a cover or add winter covers with the zipper.

Our Banyan Bridge hammock comes in a range of colors so you can choose your favorite one. We also offer many accessories for this hammock, including a Banyan Bugnet and Top Cover. Keep your things organized with pockets like the Banyan Head Organizer, Banyan Ridgeline Shelf, and more.

Two Person Hammocks

Two person camping hammocks are excellent options for hikers and campers alike. These hammocks allow you to keep your partner or child close while you sleep. They also offer a more comfortable rest and reduced weight — you won’t have to carry double for every accessory.

We have two Clark Hammocks that allow you to share a hammock. We also offer accessories for two, like the Double Dutch Bug Net and the Two Person Tarp, so you can hang side by side with complete protection from pests and rain without sharing a hammock.