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Whether you own a business or you are a DIY'er at home, our wide variety of materials will help you get started.


At DutchWare, we're passionate about the outdoor spaces we have right here at home. Because of that, we take a minimalist approach in producing and manufacturing our innovative, high-quality camping hammocks and other products.

The majority of our hammocking supplies are created in America which allows us to give back to American communities and closely monitor quality.

We also keep our packaging minimal because we ship directly to you, saving you money on shipping costs and keeping our carbon footprint small.

The Biggest Supporter of The Hammock and Outdoor Communities

We offer tools to get engaged in the community and a resource library for new outdoor enthusiasts. 

As a company offering products for backpackers and nature enthusiasts, we take good care of our Earth today to ensure future generations can enjoy this planet, too.

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Leading The Hammock Camping Industry

Whether you're new to hammock camping or a seasoned pro, DutchWare is constantly pushing the boundaries of hammock camping by creating new products and equipment to improve our customers’ hammocking experience. Our hammocks offer comfort, durability, reliability, and quality you can see and feel. Each of our hammocks comes with a guarantee against manufacturer defects and a satisfaction guarantee. 

We offer five ultralight camping hammocks: The Chameleon Hammock, Half-Wit Hammock, Hammock Chairs, the 11-Foot Netless Hammock, and the Half-Zipped Hammock. We also offer Banyan Bridge Hammocks and 2-Person Hammocks

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Hammock Suspension Systems

DutchWare Gear carries complete hammock suspension systems for safe hanging. Since every outdoor aficionado is different, DutchWare Gear offers 10 lightweight hammock suspensions, letting you choose one to suit your preferences and needs. Choose from:

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We Offer The Biggest Raw Goods Catalog For DIY Outdoor Supplies

We have durable camping tarps that protect you from the rain while still offering breathability. Our winter hammock tarps protect you from cold weather, while our innovative hammock hex, rectangle, and Asym tarps are shaped uniquely to offer more protection than a square model.

Our wide hammock tarps cover more area for extra coverage. Additionally, our Dyneema® Composite Fabric tarps are of the highest quality on the market.

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One-Stop-Shop for All Your DIY Supplies

DutchWare Gear has a wide variety of fabric, ropes, and hardware if you want to make your own camping gear. Choose from Xenon, Hexon, silnylon, and other fabrics in many colors and patterns. Whether you need something lightweight, breathable, waterproof, or any other kind of fabric, you can check out our catalog.

We also carry a wide range of suspension ropes. They are available for purchase by foot, in sections, or by the spool.

If you're looking for camping hammock hardware, we have Dutch hooks, pole tips, poles, tarp hooks, cord pulls, and more.

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