Hammock Packages


Hammock Kits

If you’re interested in trying hammock camping, a hammock kit is the best way to get started. DutchWare hammock packages give you everything you need for a comfortable first night under the stars, including the hammock itself, a complete suspension kit, and accessories to enhance comfort and protection.

Get Started With One of Our Hammock Packages

Our hammock kits include durable, comprehensive options such as:

  • The Complete Intro Package: Find everything you need for your first night out, including a hammock, suspension kit, bottom entry bugnet, and tarp coverage.
  • The Complete Netted Hammock Package: The hammock in this package has a bugnet sewn in, allowing you to easily zip and unzip it to protect yourself from bug bites or experience nature in all its glory.
  • The Complete Wide Netted Hammock Package: Give yourself some extra room to relax with a wide hammock outfitted with the same essential tools from our Intro Package.
  • The 2-Person Chameleon Package: Bring your favorite hiking companion along. Try out this two-person set, complete with a spreader bar and wide tarp so you can set everything up on the same trees.

Resources for Hammock Beginners