Chameleon Hammock

The Chameleon is our full-featured, 11-foot hammock that we designed to be highly modular and lightweight. We’ll let you customize the body fabric for the necessary weight rating and also allow you to select the color that suits your style.

We crafted the Chameleon to be versatile in any environment. Regardless of elevation or hiking terrain, this DutchWare hammock is easy for anyone to set up and will hold you and all your camping gear.

Chameleon Hammock Accessory Options

The Chameleon can change with the seasons to be your choice for year-round adventuring. We make several components for our hammock that will simplify how you adjust for the climate or resting conditions. Check out these accessory products for the Chameleon hammock:

  • Bugnet: This attachable nanoweave cover for the Chameleon screens out disease-carrying mosquitoes and other stinging, biting insects that can ruin a casual afternoon or a comfortable night’s sleep. Just attach it to our patented vision zipper track for protection that won’t sacrifice your visibility or add much weight to your hammock gear.
  • Top cover: When the temperature drops, this cover — made from our ARGON 90 fabric — is both breathable and wind-resistant. It attaches to the same zipper in place of the bugnet and keeps the warmth inside, ensuring that you can sleep comfortably.
  • Tie outs: The secret to perfect balance on a hammock you’re laying on is to actually sleep on it diagonally. The Chameleon’s tie outs will stretch the hammock symmetrically for you, and changing direction will just require you to unsnap them from the set of D-rings on one side and reattach them to the other pair.
  • Sidecar Pocket: DutchWare manufactures a sidecar pocket that zips to the same track as the bugnet or top cover, and it’s reversible, so it can hang inside or outside the hammock. For more storage space, choose the sidesling! In case you want to keep the zippers free, we have storage pockets and bottle holders that clip onto the unused D-rings of this hammock instead.

Did we mention that our bugnet and top cover can change direction as easily as the hammock itself? Unzip the covers and flip them over so that you can orient your tree hammock however you’d like.

Choose DutchWare for Your Next Camping or Backpacking Adventure

On your next adventure, bring along the Chameleon DutchWare hammock, which won’t weigh you down and has everything you need to brace against the elements. Shop with us for outdoor hammocks and get your purchases delivered to you fast with a guarantee that we’ll replace any product with a defect.

Contact a DutchWare team member online or by phone at 717-947-7849 to learn more about the Chameleon or any of our other products. We guarantee the quality of our manufacturing because your satisfaction is important to us.