Carabiners and Clips


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Camping is all about finding convenient solutions that bring the most benefits while allowing you to remain flexible and light. Carabiners are versatile tools that will offer you many benefits while camping in the great outdoors. A titanium carabiner is essential for the setup of your campsite and allowing easy attachments in a variety of places.

At DutchWare, we offer a variety of heavy-duty carabiner camping clips that will keep your gear minimal and light while maintaining its reliability. We strive to provide only the best, highest-quality products that will enhance your camping adventures. Our products are manufactured in the U.S. and ship quickly to get you on the trails. Reap the rewards of our well-crafted, durable tools and gear today!

Uses of Carabiners

Our carabiners for outdoor gear may be small, lightweight tools — but they really pack a punch in the value they bring to your campsite. Whether you’re looking to help suspend your hammock or secure your food from above, carabiners are an invaluable solution. Some of the uses you’ll be able to get out of your hammock carabiners include:

  • Locking your tent from the inside
  • Securing your ridgelines
  • Hanging your food
  • Easily setting up and adjusting your hammock

Ready to discover how carabiners can transform your camping experience? Take a look at our full selection of carabiners for sale today!