Lightweight Hammock Quilts

Whether you prefer camping during the height of summer, the dead of winter, or anywhere in between, the nights can get colder than expected, especially when you’re sleeping in a hammock. Most campers need more than the traditional sleeping bag or a few blankets to stay comfortable enough to sleep.

DutchWare’s solution is an array of top and bottom quilts designed for hammock and sleeping bag use. These lightweight quilts are easier to haul than most sleeping bags but can be even more comfortable when you need a good night’s rest before moving on with your journey.

Types of Hammock Blankets

DutchWare’s collection of hammock quilts offers two primary options for the dedicated camper:

  • Top quilts: A top quilt is like a sleeping bag with no zipper, hood or underside. It is essentially an insulated blanket you can use in tandem with a sleeping bag or on its own.
  • Under quilts: Hammocks typically offer a thin layer of protection, but since you’re not sleeping on the ground, your underside is still open to unwelcome temperatures. Under quilts can be hooked or zipped onto the fabric of your hammock and act similarly to a sleeping pad, adding extra comfort and protection against wind, rain, and cold weather.

You may choose to use one or the other, but they’re also lightweight enough to bring along both, particularly when you’re camping during the colder seasons.

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