Cord locks are one of the most versatile pieces of gear in a camper’s backpack. You can use them for many tasks, including closing doors, reinforcing the hold on many ropes or even anchoring shoelaces. When you go backpacking, it pays to take an assortment of hammock gear cord locks along, so you can employ them in a range of tasks to make your camping trip safer and more enjoyable.

You can afford the space. Our cord locks for hammocks are extremely lightweight, coming in at just a fraction of an ounce. They won’t take up a lot of room in your backpack, and they certainly won’t weigh you down. You can accomplish so many tasks with our hammock gear cord locks that you may find yourself singing their praises to other backpackers you come in contact with.

Finding the Right DIY Hammock Gear Cord Locks for Your Trip

Many of our cord locks work with almost any size lock. You can double check this when you first receive our gear. We offer a free look and will accept returns on our cord locks, and any other products. We encourage you to find the right fit for your camping gear, and sometimes that means experimenting with different models.

You may also want to peruse the reviews on our site to see what other backpackers just like you had to say about our products. Culling valuable insights from their experiences will help you make up your mind about your DIY hammock gear cord locks. We offer many different kinds, including:

  • Attachable cord lock
  • Tape slide lock hook
  • Mini double cord lock

Each one accomplishes its task slightly differently. If you are looking for something to hold back doors, for instance, you may choose a different one than if you are more concerned about a lock that’s easy to squeeze open.

Order Make-Your-Own Gear Cord Locks From DutchWare Today

When you need sturdy products for your next camping trip and you need them quickly, order from DutchWare. We offer our customers a number of benefits, including a guarantee against all manufacturer defects. We sell easy-to-use gear that’s perfect for both the novice and experienced backpacker. Plus, with our wide selection, you can find all the equipment you need for your next trip, from cord locks to camp stoves to hammocks. Contact us today to place your order or find out more about our products.