When you backpack, you need gear that meets three main requirements. You need it to be lightweight because you will be carrying it with you wherever you go. You can’t be weighed down by a piece or two. All your gear needs to be as weightless as possible.

You also need that gear to be durable. It has to work across a range of conditions and soil, offering you the best performance possible. And it must be made to last because you don’t want to keep buying new gear over and over.

Finally, when you buy new gear, you also want it to be versatile. It must work with the other backpacking supplies you already own, and it should be usable with different brands.

If you can find supplies that hit all three of these marks, you know you have found a good investment worthy of adding to your backpacking and camping repertoire. You can find all three in our backpacking tent stakes.

Different Types of Stakes for Tarps and Tents to Fit Every Backpacker’s Needs

We offer a variety of stakes to assist you on any backpacking trip. Whether you are looking for anchors to keep your tent in place or stakes to keep a tarp still, you can find them in our selection. We sell aluminum and titanium, both lightweight materials that will keep you moving quickly when you pack them. We also have a selection of hook and nail stakes, depending on your preference and what you think will work best in the conditions you hike in.

The nail stakes come with cords for easy removal. Those cords are made of reflective material, which can help save you from a stubbed toe in the dark. When you use our backpacking tent stakes, you can relax knowing your tent will stay in place. You won’t be running after it when it starts to storm, and it will offer you shelter in bad weather.

Choose Tarp Stakes From DutchWare

DutchWare sells high-quality gear backpackers can rely on to get them through the most difficult of terrain. Whether you need tent stakes, hammocks, utensils or water filtration, you can find it on our site. We have high-quality products you can use for the long-term, and we guarantee those products against all manufacturer defects. Contact us today to learn more about our tent spikes or other camping equipment. Call us at 717-947-7849