Sometimes, it seems as though the hanger community is divided into two distinct groups. There are the purists who prefer knots and consider suspension hardware for hammocks unnecessary weight in their backpacks. Then, you’ll find the hammock suspension hardware junkies — you know, the campers whose eye glaze over when you mention a basic knot like a bowline.

While the outdoors certainly is big enough for both sides to set up camp however they want, it’s not necessary for you to be a knot camper or a hammock hardware lover. You can use hardware whenever you want and still have a working knowledge of knots in case a piece of hardware fails or you forget something at home. In addition to a bowline, some of the knots you should master in case you find yourself in a pinch include:

  • The taut-line hitch
  • The clove hitch
  • The prusik knot
  • The Becket hitch

Suspension Hardware for Hammocks

Just like it’s critical to buy the right hammock tree straps to get the most out of our hammock, you need to purchase the correct hammock suspension hardware to get the maximum enjoyment and comfort when you use your hammock. With the right hardware, you can set up quicker, make adjustments faster and attach your hammock with ease. When you’re working with thin line that doesn’t hold knots very well, hardware can really make a difference in your camping experience.

At DutchWare, we’re never content with the products that are currently available. That’s why we’re constantly on the lookout for innovative things such as a new hammock cinch buckle suspension that’s unlike the ones we’ve seen before. It’s also why we’re unafraid to make our own innovations that can enhance the lives of hammock campers everywhere.

When our founder was hiking the Appalachian Trail years ago, he invented the Dutch clip, which is a clip that’s used to connect a webbing suspension around a tree. Now available in titanium, this critical part of titanium hammock suspension hardware is only about half the weight of the original Dutch clip. If you add our new titanium Dutch clip to your arsenal of titanium hammock hardware, you’ll be amazed how quickly and easily you’ll be able to set up and tear down your campsite and hammock.

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Our generous selection of hammock suspension hardware includes many other options in addition to our titanium Dutch clip. For help finding the equipment you need to get the most out of your hammock, contact DutchWare today.