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Every piece of hardware you bring on your camping trip is essential to get the most out of your gear. Our selection of metal outdoor gear hardware serves important purposes to repair or replace what you currently own and transform your camping experience. Whether you’re looking to take on a DIY hammock camping or tent camping project, our metal hardware will make a difference.

At DutchWare, we spend our time providing durable products that add comfort and convenience to your outdoor adventure. We have an assortment of patents on our metal hardware for hammocks and tarps, much of which we manufacture in-house. We offer our customers the best products to enhance their outdoor adventures through innovation, fast shipping, and a dedication to quality.

Common Reasons to Use Metal Hardware

Finding the right metal hammock hardware that fits your needs will allow for a quick setup, reduce slipping, make for easy adjustments, and increase the strength of your hammock rigging. This metal hardware is also perfect for adding to your tents, tarps, backpacks, and clothing.

Our metal hardware is perfect for DIY hammock camping projects, like:

  • Hammock rigging
  • Easy attachments and detachment sites
  • Set up tarp ridgeline
  • Allow for bridge hammock configuration
  • Adjustment buckles
  • Create more interior space

Most Popular Metal Hardware

Wondering which of our metal hardware for tents and hammocks is the most popular? Check out this list of a few of the most commonly used camping hardware:

  • Ti Triangle D Ring: This lightweight, durable Ti Triangle D Ring can be used to create your next tarp or backpack.
  • .665 Aluminum Spreader Pole: Use this spreader pole to create a rectangular bridge hammock set up. 
  • Micro Carabiner: Small, versatile additions perfect for little jobs, including attachments to your belt loops and backpack, hanging your food from trees and even setting up a ridgeline.
  • Hook Latch Splicing Needles: A must-have tool for those who love to customize ropes to precisely give what they need out in the field. 
  • Metal Mitten Hook: Tiny hooks with a 30lb load are great for securing lines to your tarp and even attaching guylines to your tent to stay dry in the rain.

Browse our catalog to find more fantastic metal outdoor gear hardware today.