One of the best parts of camping is enjoying the food you make in the great outdoors. From baked potatoes with crispy skin and buttery flesh to mountain pies that drip gooey cheese down your chin to that campout staple, s’mores, you will enjoy a virtual smorgasbord on your backpacking trip — provided you have the right equipment to cook with.

That’s where our DIY stoves for backpacking come in. We can sell you the supplies to set up the perfect camp stove. Some of our buyers have used camp stoves before, while others are new to both camping and DIY. Whatever your experience level, you will love the end product of tasty food when you invest in DIY stoves from DutchWare.

We sell all the things you need for an amazing camping trip. In addition to DIY camp stoves, we offer tarps, hammocks, pack covers and an assortment of other kitchen tools. You work up an appetite when you’re backpacking through the wilderness. Our DIY stoves for camping help you feed it.

Find Lightweight DIY Backpacking Stoves You Can Carry Comfortably

Part of a successful backpacking excursion is not overpacking. That’s why the parts in our DIY camp stoves are light and small, allowing you to save space in your pack. They won’t weigh you down or make it difficult to pack up when you are ready to leave the site.

Another advantage to our DIY camp stoves is how easy they are to assemble and use. Even if you have never gone camping before, you will be able to put them together yourself. We also offer accessories, such as a soda pot kit, that can help facilitate your cooking creativity. Perhaps you’ll even attempt a meal well beyond your wildest ambitions at home. The heady combination of fresh air and exercise can help you feel bolder when it comes to food.

Get All Your Backpacking and Hammock Camping Needs at DutchWare Gear

Now that you feel more confident about your ability to cook up a fantastic meal on your next trip, why not browse the rest of our camping gear to see what other extras you need. If you are partial to DIY, we have kits that can help you make your own tarps or sacks, or you can assemble buckles for your hammock.

Whatever your needs, we can meet them with our wide selection of high-quality camping gear, which will arrive at your house quickly after you order. Contact us today to purchase or get more information about our products. Call us at 717-947-7849.