Fabrics for Outdoor Gear


Fabric Materials for Sale at DutchWare

After a long day of taking in the scenic views, filling your lungs with fresh air, and trekking through dense woods, all you’ll want to do is relax at your campsite. Each piece of gear you take on your outdoor adventure into your favorite park or nature preserve is essential to make your trips successful.

Whether hammock camping or spending your nights in a tent, the raw fabrics you use matter. You deserve to have confidence in your DIY fabrics for tents, sleeping bags, quilts, hammocks, and tarps. With high-quality and durable hammock materials, you’ll be comfortable, protected, and relaxed on your next camping adventure.

Types of DIY Fabrics

At DutchWare, we provide a variety of raw fabrics to offer a fresh canvas and create ideal outdoor camping gear. Consider the material’s weight, durability, strength, and versatility, which you can test with our 4-inch by 4-inch sample packs. We offer products from high-quality brands, such as Dyneema®, X-Pac® and Robic®.

You can choose from four main types of DIY fabrics based on your needs. These categories include:

  • BreathableMaximize your comfort with increased airflow and rugged strength to enjoy your time outdoors.
  • MeshThese are perfect to keep bugs out of your sleeping arrangements. You can also create an ideal back strap with our 3D Spacer Mesh.
  • Calendered/DownproofStay warm, dry, and comfortable when adding calendered and downproof materials to your sleeping bags, quilts, and more.
  • WaterproofKeep dry in harsh conditions with one of our many waterproof hammock fabrics.

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