Waterproof Fabrics


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When you love the outdoors, you don’t let the elements stop you from getting out there. Even with rain, mist and snow, you can still have a comfortable night’s sleep with waterproof fabrics. At DutchWare, our goal is to provide all the essentials for you to get outside and have great equipment to rely on.

Benefits of Waterproof Fabric

While precipitation can be an uncomfortable thing, it can also affect your safety. When you and your gear get wet, it can be nearly impossible to dry it out again, unless you get a break in the weather. This is especially true for your sleeping gear. If you spend the night in wet gear, there’s a strong chance you get sick.

Sleeping gear made from waterproof fabrics will keep you dry and comfortable. Waterproof fabrics are useful in numerous applications to keep you dry throughout your camping adventures, such as tents, tarps, backpacks, hammocks, etc.

Characteristics of Waterproof Outdoor Fabric

Waterproof and water-resistant fabrics are sometimes believed to be the same, but they are different! Water-resistant fabrics will wick away some water, but with too much exposure, the water will eventually seep into the fabric. Waterproof material, on the other hand, will never become soaked.

You’ll find waterproof fabrics with many different qualities, too. It can be lightweight or on the heavier side, abrasion-resistant and flexible. If you’re planning on waterproofing several pieces of your gear, you may want different types of waterproof fabric to use on different gear. Using a lighter waterproof fabric on your pack wouldn’t add extra weight, while an abrasion-resistant waterproof fabric would be well-suited for a tent.

You can pick up different waterproof fabrics by the yard or half-hard, making sure you get the right amount for your tarps, tents and other DIY projects. Additionally, at DutchWare, we offer materials in many different colors and patterns.

Our Most Popular Waterproof Fabrics for Outdoor Gear

Some of our most in-demand DutchWare waterproof outdoor fabrics include:

  • Xenon Sil 1.1: Available in various colors, we manufacture this low-stretch, lightweight fabric out of a waterproof polyester sil fabric that works well as a material for tarps and tents.
  • Xenon Sil Wide: This new, durable fabric has 4000 mm head pressure with a ripstop grid, making for an excellent tarp or tent material.
  • X-Pac VX07: This is a perfect nylon face fabric with superior tear resistance and a DWR finish, making it the ideal material for packs and waterproofing bags.
  • .51 oz Dyneema® Composite Fabric CT1E.08: This lightweight, waterproof composite fabric features incredible strength and durability while remaining comfortable and soft on the skin.
  • 300D Pack MaterialThis material is designed with a 300 denier diamond weave coupled with a Polyurethane coating on the back. You’ll have the tough reinforcements you need for your tarps or backpacks.
  • Sil Nylon: This fabric is an ultralight, nonbreathable ripstop material with a siliconized coating for all of your tarp, stuff sack, or bivvy DIY projects.

We have an option for any DIY project you have in mind. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.