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Breathable Hammock Fabrics

When you’re making your own equipment or adapting gear you already have, you need to pick up materials that will help you get the most out of your supplies. Every person who loves the outdoors has different needs, so DIY gear is a great way to get it exactly how you want it to be.

If you’re going DIY, you’ll need a variety of fabrics, including breathable ones. You can use breathable fabrics to make jackets, packs, hammocks and more. It has its own set of unique qualities compared to other materials and offers a variety of benefits.

Benefits of Using Breathable Fabrics

When you’re out on a camping or backpacking trip, you need to keep yourself safe but also comfortable. Breathability helps with both. Below are some examples of how having equipment and other gear made with breathable fabrics is a good thing:

  • Clothing: When your clothes are breathable, you’ll feel more comfortable throughout the day. Materials that are not sufficiently breathable will trap moisture inside. When you’re out on a backpacking or camping trip, you’re doing a lot of physical activity and sweating more than usual. If your clothes aren’t breathable, the fabric will get wet, and you’ll feel clammy and very uncomfortable.
  • Sleeping Bags: Like breathable clothes, having a sleeping bag made from fabric with this quality will keep you comfortably dry all night. If a sleeping bag wasn’t made with a breathable fabric, moisture could compromise the insulation. A colder sleeping bag mixed with colder temperatures at night will make you unhappy at the very least. At the worst, it could affect your health.
  • TentsA breathable tent will allow moisture to escape through the fabric while it’s set up. If a tent isn’t breathable, moisture that builds up inside will make all your gear damp. You wouldn’t want to wake up the next morning with wet shoes, wet clothes and a wet pack. Once your gear gets wet, it can be really hard or even impossible to dry it out again.

Breathable fabrics are lightweight and keep you and your gear free of built-up moisture. And, you can use other types of materials for additional layers to keep you warm in colder temperatures.

Our Most Popular Breathable Fabrics

At DutchWare, we provide durable, high-quality breathable fabrics to maximize your comfort in the field. We have a variety of breathable fabrics for sale, some of the most popular including:

  • Ion: This material is soft and perfect for quilts and clothing. It is also lightweight with a 200-pound weight strength.
  • Hexon 1.0: Rated for 200 pounds, this incredibly strong hammock fabric feels like silk and comes with a special ripstop grid.
  • Hexon 1.6: Made with Nylon 66 and rated for 350 pounds, this Hexon 1.6 fabric comes with a ripstop grid to reduce stretch and increase durability.
  • Argon 90: This state-of-the-art nylon quilt material boasts a tight weave and easily stands up to wind and wicks away water.
  • Helion: This three-layer fabric allows water vapor to pass through, limiting moisture buildup while remaining completely waterproof from the outside — ideal for any of your rain gear needs.
  • Cloud 71: This is an ultra-light, transparent hammock material able to withstand 200 pounds of weight while maintaining its air circulation capabilities.

Breathable Nylon for Hammocks

Choosing a hammock as your sleeping gear has lots of benefits, like their simple, fast setup. But, hammocks do require a few additional properties. When you sleep in a sleeping bag inside a tent, you have an extra layer between yourself and the outdoors. With a hammock, you need all of those properties in one piece of equipment.

Making a hammock using breathable fabric will keep you comfortable all night. By pairing it with insulating material, you can maintain the perfect body temperature all throughout the night. You can also create other pieces of sleeping gear with this fabric, like quilts and pillowcases.

Check out our selection of breathable fabrics below to get started on crafting the perfect hammock for your next trip. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.