12ft Chameleon Wide Hammock Complete


The Chameleon is a full-featured hammock designed from the ground up. Each of the components that go into the Chameleon have been developed by us to create a versatile and modular light weight hammock that adapts to its environment. Because you can remove and change out components, the Chameleon will be the only hammock you will ever need.

12ft Chameleon uses all the regular Chameleon accessories.


Chameleon WIDE Hammock Resources and Notes:
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  • How to use your new Chameleon Hammock – Click Here
  • Not sure which top to choose for your Chameleon? – Click Here
  • The Chameleon body includes continuous loops, structural ridgeline, double ended stuff sack and tieouts.
  • Fabric Weight Ratings:
    • Hexon Wide 1.6 – 350 Pounds/158kg
    • NylonD Wide 1.7 – 350 Pounds/158kg
    • Beetle Buckles with 15-foot/4.572m Spider/Poly straps – 350 Pounds/158kg
  • Finished width – 68-inches/1727mm
  • Finished length – 12-feet/3657mm

Why Choose the Chameleon Wide Hammock?

The Chameleon is a full-featured hammock designed from the ground up. Each of the components that go into the Chameleon have been developed by DutchWare to create a versatile and modular lightweight hammock that adapts to its environment. Because you can remove and change out components, the Chameleon will be the only hammock you will ever need.


gif of different hammock top covers being added and removed from the Chameleon hammock

The Chameleon adapts to your needs and is the only hammock you need for every situation. The specially designed zipper allows you to remove the bug net to go without it or replace it with a top cover. The top covers (vented and moonlight options), give your Chameleon more comfort in colder temperatures by creating a micro-climate that vents out the moisture produced by your breath. The Chameleon is very modular, you can add and remove accessories as desired. Accessories allow you to personalize or “bling” out your hammock.  The Chameleon is a great choice for Ultralight campers as well as backyard and campground campers.

a gif of the chameleon hammock changing directions

When you sleep in a hammock, you want to position yourself diagonally, so you get a flatter lay. You can choose your diagonal direction. Put two Chameleon’s side-by-side to essentially create a two-person hammock that uses the same trees and tarp.

a gif of a person sleeping in the chameleon in different positions

Each adventure is unique, the modularity of the Chameleon, allows you to add or remove accessories to fit the needs of each adventure. One day you might want the minimal set up for backpacking while another day you may want all the add-on accessories for additional storage and comfort. All accessories (including bug nets) are removable.

Dutch sleeping in the chameleon hammock

When there are bugs, the Chameleon has you covered. With our special nano weave bug net, even the smallest biting, stinging, disease-carrying parasite will be kept safely away. The zip-on bug net is everything you desire. Light, durable, and with great visibility, our detachable bug net keeps you from being eaten alive.

Dutch using the detachable bugnet on the chameleon

Don’t let a dropping thermometer keep you from enjoying the great outdoors. Our vented and moonlight top covers will go in place of the bug net on the same zipper track. The fabric is our proprietorially designed ARGON 90. It is breathable yet wind resistant. It will help keep your body heat in, creating a micro-climate inside your cocoon of warmth. The vent is designed to not only allow the moisture of your breath to exhaust, but also to give you a window into the world, or close that “window” for extra protection from light.

Dutch using the detachable vented top cover on the chameleon hammock

We put a lot of thought and effort into the functionality of the Chameleon. The modular design of this hammock allows you to add additional products, some of which we haven’t even fully designed yet. The Chameleon is 11 feet long as the standard model. There is no such thing as too much of a good thing when it is this good. This will give you more room and a larger sweet spot for a flatter lay. Those who know hammocks, know size matters.

The Chameleon comes with a unique tie out system. The secret to getting a good flat lay in a hammock is to lie diagonally. There are adjustable tie outs at your head and feet to give you the required symmetrical shape for a comfortable sleeping position. There are two on each side that are adjustable from inside the hammock providing more tension to keep the bugnet off of your face. Also, these tie outs are movable so that when you want to change the direction, you simply unsnap them from the D-rings and move them to the other set.

a close up of the dual adjustable tie outs

The Patent Pending vision zipper is a toothed, rather than coiled, zipper for ease of use and strength. The vision zipper is the key to this hammock and why the Chameleon outperforms every other hammock on the market today. Our zipper is the first one of its kind and starts with a toothed zipper such as you will find on high-end jackets versus a weaker coil zipper. There are two zipper pulls that can be positioned at any place for easy access. The zippers are opposing so they open in between and most importantly you don’t have to reach to the top of the hammock to open it. Furthermore, the vision zipper can be flipped over and reversed, this enables you to flip the top cover or bug net over or around so you can lay in any direction. We made each Chameleon with two of these specialized zippers so you can enter/exit the hammock from both sides, and you can reach out to adjust your underquilt easily from inside the hammock. Lastly, since the zippers are separating, you can go with any top to save weight, add a top cover or bug net in the same zipper track and only have to carry what is needed on your adventure. This is how your Chameleon changes to your environment.

a close up of Dutchware's patent pending vision zipper

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