10 Tips for Keeping Warm While Camping

April 5, 2022

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10 Tips for Keeping Warm While Camping

Camping during the winter is a great time to see breathtaking views without the crowds. However, even the most spectacular views can’t make up for numb fingers as you try to enjoy yourself in freezing temperatures. With DutchWare’s winter camping tips, you can stay warm even when you’re camping in the snow.

1. Wear Layers

Dressing in multiple layers gives you more control over regulating your body temperature. Subtract layers before you begin to sweat and add layers before your body becomes chilled.

2. Remove Damp Layers

After setting up your campsite, remove any sweaty clothes and put on dry layers to help your body get warmer faster.

3. Use Two Sleeping Pads

Your sleeping pad will insulate you and your sleeping bag from the cold ground. Using two pads doubles the insulation power for more warmth.

4. Bolster Your Sleeping Bag With a Quilt

Quilts are a lightweight option to add another layer of warmth that can make a significant difference on colder nights.

5. Pack Layers at the Top

Keep your layers at the top of your pack and change before you feel too chilled to speed up your warm-up time.

6. Put a Hot Water Bottle in Your Sleeping Bag

Fill a water bottle with hot water and place it near the core of your body for a faster way to heat up.

7. Look for Early Morning Sun

Set up your campsite in an area that will receive sunlight as soon as possible.

8. Vent Your Hammock

As you breathe throughout the night, you will release a hot vapor, which will turn into condensation and then freeze. Venting your hammock prevents this condensation and keeps you warm and dry.

9. Eat Big Meals and Snacks

Your body will burn more calories to keep warm, making it essential for you to fuel it properly. Eat a big meal before you go to bed and snack throughout the day to keep your energy levels up.

10. Use Hand Warmers, Heated Gloves, and Heated Boots

A little help from technology can go a long way in keeping you warm when you’re camping in the cold.

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