How to Make a Backpacking Pillow

September 9, 2019

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DIY instructions to make your own lightweight backpacking pillow.

Project Overview

Skill LevelEstimated TimeEstimated Cost
Beginner30 to 60 minutes$

Materials and Tools

Materials Needed:Tools Needed:
14″x18″ ARGON 67 or ARGON 90Sewing Machine
~55 Grams of Climashield or other fillScissors
4″ of 1/2″ GrosgrainRuler/Tape Measure
Thread of your choiceMarker or Chalk

Purchase full kit here:

Notes: Seam allowance is 5/8″. Backtack beginning and end of all seams. Shiny side of fabric is the “wrong” side.

  • Cut Material to 14”x18”.
  • Fold in half crosswise, twice.
  • Snip corner roughly 1/8” to mark middle of longest seam.
  • Unfold once, sew one end.
  • Fold tab in half, turning one end over to make tab stand open. It may be helpful to secure with a pin.
  • Sew long seam, placing the tab between the two layers of fabric , pointing inwards. Backtack over tab for reinforcement.
  • Turn pillow right side out.
  • Weigh and measure out 55 grams of climashield.
  • Pull apart climashield , “shredding” it to create loft.
  • Stuff pillow.
  • Turn end seam inwards, and finish with a topstitch.

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