DIY Pack Cover

February 12, 2016

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In this tutorial article we are going to show you how to make your own pack cover.

Project Overview

Skill Level Estimated Time Estimated Cost
Beginner 45 Minutes $


Materials and Tools


Materials Needed: Tools Needed:
1 Yard Waterproof Fabric Sewing Machine
4 Feet of Shock Cord Scissors
1 Cordlock Ruler/Tape Measure

Step 1: Measure your full pack top to bottom and side to side. Add 3 inches to both measurements so you have room for your rolled hems.   

  Step 2: Lay out fabric on a flat surface. Use the measurements from step 1 to mark and cut your fabric to size. 20160121_124837 Step 3: Once your fabric is cut hem each of the 4 corners by folding in 2 inches then rolling over and sewing along straight edge. Reference pictures below for help.

Step 4: Once all 4 corners are hemmed you will now do a rolled hem the whole way around the pack cover.

Step 5: All 4 of your corners/edges should look like the picture below now.  20160121_132455 Step 6: Last step is to run the shock cord around the perimeter of the pack cover and add your cord lock to the end.


You should now have a completed pack cover ready to use!       



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