Seven Games That Will Make Hiking Fun for Kids

October 22, 2019

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Hiking with kids can be a world of fun, as they have a tendency to delight in unexpected things and bring a new sense of perspective and wonder to any trek. However, there may also be times when little legs are tired, and they’ve had enough. In those moments, you might need a little creativity to keep spirits high and motivate them to embrace the hike.

We’ve compiled a list of hiking games for just such moments. Most of them don’t require any supplies beyond imagination.

1. Scavenger Hunt

Compile a list of items for the kids to keep an eye out for throughout the hike. The scavenger list items will depend on where you’re hiking but may include things such as an acorn, a ladybug, or something blue. To leave the trail intact and untouched, have your kids point out the items rather than picking them up. Keep score and see how many items you can find throughout your hike! Not only will this make the hike more fun, but it will encourage kids to look around and observe nature.

2. The Alphabet Game

Also known as the ABCs, this game has kids practice their alphabet and pay close attention to the intricate beauty around them. Run your way through the alphabet, first looking for an item beginning with A until you reach your way to Z. Some letters will require bonus creativity and adaptability, making the game fun for kids of all ages.

3. How Many Animals?

If you keep an eye out and stay as quiet as possible, you’ll find there is an oft-overlooked ecosystem of animals, both large and small, accompanying you on your hike. From the tiniest bugs to squirrels, chipmunks, lizards, badgers, and more, paying attention will lend itself to animal spotting at its finest. Challenge your kids to see who can spy the most trail-side animals.

4. Colors of the Rainbow

The rainbow game is similar to the ABCs, but instead of searching for things that begin with letters, you’re on the hunt for objects of a certain color. Have your kids look for something blue, then something green, and so on until you’ve covered each color of the rainbow.

5. Break out the Sketchbook

This is the only game that requires some forward planning. Bring along some sketchbooks and coloring pencils or crayons, and ask each child to sketch something memorable they’ve seen. If you don’t want extra stops along the hike, have them do their sketching during a picnic lunch break. This will unleash their creativity and encourage them to pinpoint minute details about a particular view, tree, or animal.

6. Incorporate Nature Into Crafts

During the hike, task each child with picking their favorite leaf along the way. Preferably it would be one that is already fallen on the trail so that they’re not picking undisturbed fresh leaves. After the hike, get out the plaster clay for some craft time. Have each child make something, such as a cup, bowl, or even just a flat circle. After they are done, have them press their leaf on it for a lasting imprint and memory of the day.

7. Tree Huggers

This along-the-trail game will test your child’s tree identification skills! As the ringleader, occasionally yell out the name of a nearby tree. Each child will have to run and hug the type of tree you’ve called. The last person to touch the correct tree is out of the game. Continue until you’ve got a clear winner, who can become the next tree ringleader. Just be sure to stay on the trail!

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