3 Essential Hammock Camping Tips for Beginners

June 29, 2022

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Hammock camping has several advantages over tent camping, including lighter equipment, greater convenience and more versatility. Once you understand how to start hammock camping, you should know three essential tips to ensure you have a relaxing and comfortable experience.

1. Make Sure You Have the Right Gear

Part of hammock camping 101 is owning the proper gear. While there are many hammock accessories available, the main pieces of equipment you’ll need include:

  • Suspension straps: Suspension straps are key for hanging your hammock. You can choose from various options, including wider options that protect trees.
  • Ridgeline: Tying a ridgeline between the two ends of your hammock allows you to hang tarps and bug nets and achieve the ideal amount of sag.
  • Tarp: Bring along a tarp to ensure you stay cozy and dry during rain or snow.
  • Bug net: Prevent pesky insects like mosquitoes from reaching you while you sleep with this convenient netting.

Before going on your trip, ensure your equipment works with your hammock. You can choose from our accessories or make your own camping gear. You can also bring additional gear based on where you’re camping.

2. Find the Right Sleeping Position

Knowing how to sleep correctly is critical to enjoying your experience. Some actions to take include:

  • Have enough sag: When hanging your hammock, make sure it sags enough so you are comfortable and have sufficient space. In general, you want each suspension strap to make a 30-degree angle with the tree it’s attached to. When in doubt, choose more sag over less.
  • Lay diagonally: Lying at an angle to the center of the hammock will give you more space and spread your body weight evenly, supporting you better.
  • Raise your feet: You want your head and neck to be elevated for comfort. If you find yourself slipping toward the middle of the hammock, consider raising the foot area to maintain the correct position.

3. Ensure Hammocks Are Allowed in Advance

Some campgrounds only allow visitors to hang hammocks in designated spaces, limiting the number of available trees, and some areas do not allow hammocks at all. Always check the rules before you arrive at the campground.

If you’re unsure about the situation, bring a tent or see if there are cabins available so you know you have a place to stay.

Find the Right Hammock Camping Gear at DutchWare

At DutchWare, we specialize in providing the gear and advice you need for an excellent camping experience. We have a whole page filled with articles dedicated to hammock camping for beginners, and our high-quality gear is perfect for beginner and experienced campers.

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Reviewed By: Dutch (Thom Ressler) - Dutch started Dutchware after thru-hiking the entire 2,200-miles of the Appalachian Trail with a hammock. During his journey, Dutch learned that there wasn’t high-quality hammocking gear available on the market so he began to create his own.

He began manufacturing the Dutch Clip, which he invented to connect the webbing suspension around the tree. Next was the Chameleon Hammock which offers superior flexibility for hammockers. Today Dutchware sells over 1,000 outdoor gear products to provide backpackers with high-quality equipment that allows them to enjoy the outdoors with a minimalist approach.

Dutch is passionate about providing the hammocking community with the highest quality gear along with the highest quality information to ensure they have the best outdoor experience possible.

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