No Sew Cuben Fiber Double End Stuff Sack

April 14, 2016

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In this tutorial article, we are going to show you how to make your own no sew Cuben Fiber double ended stuff sack.

Project Overview

Skill LevelEstimated TimeEstimated Cost
Beginner25 Minutes$

Materials and Tools

Materials Needed:Tools Needed:
1 – 18″ x 16″ Sheet of Cuben FiberScissors
1 – 50″ Piece of Cuben Fiber AdhesiveRuler/Tape Measure
1 – 8″ Piece of Cuben Fiber TapeUtility Knife
2 Mini Cord locks
1 – 4 Foot Piece of Drawcord

You can purchase the full kit from us here.

Step 1: Layout fabric flat on the table with the longer sides at the top and bottom. 20160113_131716 Step 2: Make a 1 ¼ inch fold from both sides and make a crease. You will now fold the corners in like the pictures show to make room for your draw cord.20160113_132557 20160114_134827     20160114_134851     20160114_135408     20160114_135552   Step 3: Place a piece of adhesive on one side with now channel and peel off the white backing. 20160113_135328   Step 4: Roll the stuff sack adhere one side to the other making sure to get a flat taped seam. 20160113_141207   Step 5: Thread draw cord through channels and add cordlocks. 20160113_141213   Step 6: Reinforce near the draw cord holes with a 4 inch piece of the cuben fiber tape. 20160113_141512          20160113_141534

You should now have a completed no-sew cuben fiber double ended stuff sack ready to use!

Cuben Fiber Double End Stuff Sack

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