Nine Conversation Topics for Your Next Long Hike

December 13, 2019

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Long hikes can be a fantastic way to connect with friends or family. There’s just something about the fresh air, physical endurance, and scenery that inspires memory making and unfiltered communication. If you’re searching for a way to make the most of your next long hike, try these nine conversation topics that cover the gamut from wild and wacky to poignant and philosophical.

1. Would You Rather — Backpacking Edition

Give the classic “Would You Rather” game a hiking rendition by challenging everyone to pick one option from two suggestions. Would you rather sleep in a tent or camping hammock? Hike in scalding heat or freezing cold? Camp in the mountains or by the lake? Hike in bear country or far from it? The sky’s the limit with the conversation topic, which will keep you entertained during your long hike.

2. Most Memorable Camping Experience

Camping stories aren’t just for swapping around the campfire over bites of melted marshmallow. They make a great topic for long hikes as well. Share your most memorable camping experiences, whether good or bad, giving you a chance to laugh over mishaps and reminisce about golden memories. If your hike will end in a camping experience, this will help set the mood for what’s to come.

3. National Parks

Stick with the hiking theme by striking up a conversation about National Parks. Which ones has everyone visited? Which one is top of everyone’s dream list? Can you name each of them? Is there one you think is over- or underrated?

4. One Backpacking Item You Couldn’t Live Without

This relevant hiking conversation topic gives everyone the chance to share their go-to must-have hiking item. Think of an unexpected or surprise item you’ve learned you can’t live without and share it with the group. You’ll likely learn some good tips from listening to the suggestions of your companions.

5. Zombie Apocolypse Survival Strategies

This off-the-wall topic is sure to spark creativity and an interesting conversation. If you’ve hit the grueling part of the hike and want to shift the focus away from your aching feet, get a chat going about everyone’s best strategies for surviving an apocalyptic scenario. From where you’d flee to the people you’d want on your team, the topic lends itself to an endless well of conversation.

6. Favorite Food to Eat After a Long Hike

Even with snack bars in tow, long hikes can lead to grumbling bellies. Talking about food may make the hunger worse — but what better time to debate the best restaurants or post-hike snack than when you’re in the middle of one?

7. Two Truths and a Lie

This age-old game challenges each person in the group to think of two truths about their life, mixed in with one lie. Everyone within earshot can take turns guessing which statement is the lie before the storyteller reveals the answer. This game is a creative challenge, particularly if you’re hiking with people who know you exceptionally well — but there are guaranteed laughs involved.

8. Where Would You Go?

Pose the classic international traveling question — with a hiking twist. If each person in the group could have the time, means, and opportunity to backpack anywhere in the world, where would it be?

9. Proudest Accomplishment

Keep it backpacking specific, or open it up to include general life accomplishments that each person in the group is particularly proud of. You’ll have a chance to learn something meaningful about your companions and reflect on your own success stories as well.

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