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We utilize our in-house fabric roll slitting machine not only for our production purposes but for outdoor gear companies as well. Compared to traditional roll cutting, the roll slitter allows us to cut costs by taking advantage of this faster, cleaner, and overall more efficient process of cutting rolls of fabric, tape, and other rolled items

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What Is a Roll Slitting Machine?

A roll slitting machine has a blade that can cut through many different types of materials on rolls. The cut is clean, efficient, and fast. The roll slitter at our facility uses advanced technology for the most accurate and cleanest cut possible. We can cut rolls up to 11ft (3.3528m) wide. These rolls can be cut into smaller slices as narrow as 1 inch wide.

dutchware's roll slitting machine

Other capabilities of the roll slitter include cutting rolls at the correct time in an array of diameters and cutting away selvage from the unfinished end of a fabric roll. This machine can also cut different weights and lengths of fabric, as well as vinyl and plastic sheeting; if the material is on a roll and not made of metal, chances are we can cut it!

The Benefits of Our Roll Slitting Services

Our roll slitting services offer a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Precise cuts: We can cut rolls down to an inch in width, possibly smaller depending on the material.

  • Versatility: Our machine is hand operated, so we can easily cut rolls into multiple widths of varying sizes

  • Minimal waste: Each cut will be as close as possible for accuracy and to prevent any material waste.

  • Quick modifications: There’s minimal labor when it comes to setting up the machine, so we can quickly and easily cut rolls of varying materials if needed.

  • Fast turnaround: We can quickly fulfill and ship many orders.

  • The ability to cut material rolls up to 11 feet wide and between 3 and 13 inches in diameter.

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