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At DutchWare, we know that every inch is essential when you need fabric for your outdoor gear or hammock project. Our laser cutting services result in precise cuts on every type of fabric. As one of the few manufacturers with an in-house fabric laser cutter, we can meet all your fabric cutting needs with quick turnaround times.

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We utilize our in-house fabric laser cutter not only for our production purposes but for outdoor gear companies as well. Compared to traditional pattern cutting, the laser allows us to cut costs by taking advantage of the faster-cutting speed, higher precision, and better utilization of otherwise scrap fabric.

The laser also is much more precise and seals the fabric edges. The table has a built-in conveyor which enables it to cut, convey, and keep on cutting, drawing from a roll of fabric. With this ability, we are not confined to the 8.5 foot (2.59 m) length of the table and can cut much longer patterns. We can cut fabric up to 60 inches (1.52 m) wide which is the typical width of a roll of fabric. Other capabilities of the laser cutter include etching and cutting many other types of materials such as leather, wood, plastic, metal, rubber, and more.

What Is Laser Cutting?

A laser cutter is a laser that can cut through many different types of materials. Since a laser cutter does not use pressure to cut, it leaves a smooth surface and preserves the material.

The laser cutters at our facility use advanced technology for a closer cut than traditional fabric cutting machines. The laser cutter begins with a 2D file, which guides the laser to follow. With this guide in place, a laser cutter can cut through any fabric and thicker materials such as wood or metal. With our laser cutter, you can bring any design to life.

The Benefits of Our Laser Cutting Services

Our laser cutting services offer a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Precise cuts: Our small, powerful lasers can cut within 0.003mm and 0.006mm of the desired length. Duringeach cut, the laser will run along the edge of the material and seal it to prevent unraveling.
  • Versatility: We can program our machines to create any unique design on the material of your choosing.
  • Minimal waste: Each cut will be as close as possible to prevent excess unused material. We make an effort to reuse excess fabric to save our customers money.
  • Quick modifications: Since our laser cutter is computer-based, we can easily change the design of your product or produce low minimums of items.
  • Fast turnaround: We can quickly fulfill and ship many orders.

Other benefits of using our laser cutting service include the ability to cut material of any length with the built-in conveyor belt on our fabric cutting table.

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DutchWare is a premier outdoor supply company that offers a wide range of wholesale cutting services. No matter what material you need to cut, our team can handle it.

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