Wholesale Sewing Services

If you're looking for a professional, highly skilled company to assist with your sewing needs for your hammock or outdoor gear project, choose DutchWare. Our commercial sewing services give you access to expert sewers who will put their full time and attention into your project. We offer a wide range of sewing services to make your product more resilient and reliable.

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Why Choose a Contract Sewing Service?

When you choose DutchWare for your contract sewing needs, we'll provide high-quality sewing services so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Each project will receive the time and attention it deserves from our team for great results.

DutchWare employs a team of sewing professionals in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They're highly trained in various sewing projects to become masters of their craft. Our sewers are also experienced with numerous industrial machines to get the job done correctly each time. Trust the experts at DutchWare for high-quality results on all types of sewing projects.

Our Sewing Services

Our talented team of sewers treats each project with precision and patience. After completing every job, our team will thoroughly evaluate each product with a quality assurance checkpoint. Our skilled sewers take pride in their work and will only send their project for a final evaluation when they are completely satisfied.

DutchWare has a large custom fabric selection in the outdoor gear industry, and we offer a complete range of contract sewing services. When it comes to your production run, ensure you get the most reliable service available. Trust our talented sewers to create a product you and your customers can appreciate.

The Benefits of Our Sewing Services

Partnering with DutchWare for your wholesale sewing services provides a variety of perks:

  • Creating space in your facility: Using DutchWare for your sewing needs eliminates the need for additional space in your facility.
  • Flexibility with orders: If you need to change your order, we can quickly adapt and save you time.
  • Expert sewers: We employ many talented sewers to help create the best possible products for our customers. Working with us will save you money compared to hiring and training an in-house team.

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DutchWare is a reliable source for all your custom sewing project needs. Fill out our contact form today for further information about our commercial sewing services.

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