Wholesale Custom Metalwork

If you need custom metalwork for your hammock or outdoor gear, trust the experts at DutchWare. As a go-to resource for adventure gear, we know how important it is to have proper metal hardware. We complete our metalworking projects with a CNC Milling machine for efficient, reliable results.

What Is CNC Milling Finishing?

A CNC milling machine creates unique designs on metal with a process similar to cutting and drilling. While typical drill production only occurs on one axis, a CNC milling machine can move on multiple axes to create detailed impressions. If you have a prototype or product you would like finished, a CNC machine is a great option.

At DutchWare, our CNC milling machine offers the perfect way to ensure all your products are top-of-the-line. We have complete control of the milling process, and our full-time machinist has experience in AutoCAD and can help turn your ideas into groundbreaking products.

The Benefits of Using a CNC Milling Machine

Our CNC machine allows us to process orders quickly with a fast turnaround. Other benefits of using a CNC machine include:

  • Reducing manufacturing waste: CNC machines are accurate, helping to minimize material waste and increase profit.
  • Increasing production: Using a CNC machine can reduce the number of steps required to make a specific part, creating faster turnaround times.
  • Boosting efficiency: If the CNC machine detects an error during the production process, it will automatically fix the problem or shut down to protect the project and prevent extra work later on.

Quality Assurance With Every Order

We perform quality assurance checks at each step of order fulfillment. Before we begin your project, we'll inspect our materials to ensure they're up to our high standards. We also perform in-house and independent quality assurance checks after our team completes every project.

Our shipping team personally packages orders to ensure all items are correct. We also train our team to splice and assemble orders for quick fulfillment.

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DutchWare offers dependable service, and our team is ready to assist you with high-quality, innovative metalworking solutions. We also provide full production services, such as sewing, fabric cutting, and printing, to ensure your hammocks or outdoor gear are of the best quality.

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