A List of Great Bikepacking Routes

January 28, 2022

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Bikepacking combines the best of backpacking and biking, allowing you to blaze along trails, enjoy heart-pounding excitement, and explore new terrains. Finding the best bikepacking routes is essential for your next adventure. Some trails are ideal for bikepacking for beginners while other routes are for more experienced riders. Choose a place to explore based on your experience level, interest, and what your bike can handle. Learn more about where to go bikepacking below.

Olympic Adventure Route, Washington

This 66-mile trail is 99% accessible by bike and takes about two days to complete. Olympic Adventure Route is a mostly single-track, unpaved trail with amazing views of the Olympic Mountains, the Strait of Juan De Fuca, and Vancouver Island. Mossy old-growth trees and a 7,900-foot total ascent drive the adventure of this route, while nearby campgrounds make it accessible for beginner and moderate bikepacking enthusiasts.

Virginia Mountain Bike Trail

If you’re interested in more advanced bikepacking excursions, this 473 mile, 10-day route with a total ascent of 53,400-feet takes you along rail trails, up crags, past farms, and into wildlife. There’s a real sense of beauty and history in the scenic George Washington Jefferson National Forest. This route is not ridden often, so its overgrown and rocky path presents a challenge for explorers.

Denali National Park, Alaska

If you’re looking for bucket-list bikepacking ideas, this Alaskan park offers more than 6 million acres, much of it without trails. You can blaze through the wilderness and create your own adventure. Even with trails, you’ll need advanced biking skills and plenty of gear — layers, waterproof clothing, and waterproof boots are a must. Be sure to pack bear spray and a camera to capture lynxes, bears, and other wildlife you’ll see.

Blaze Your Own Trail

Even if you don’t live near the Olympic Adventure Route or can’t hop on a plane with your bike to see Alaska, chances are there are bikepacking routes available nearby. You can find your adventure at local parks, national parks, camping grounds, forest service roads, and hiking routes that allow bicycles. Other bikepackers in your area might also be able to show you trails you’ll enjoy.

When looking for routes to explore, consider the trail’s elevation, terrain, length, and surface. Check local regulations to ensure you can bring your bike. Some hiking trails, for example, are designated for hikers only. If you’re going on a multi-day adventure, verify camping areas and camping rules before your trip.

Explore New Routes With Confidence

Before you head out, make sure you have the right gear for the weather and the location. If you need to stock up, browse DutchWare’s bikepacking gear. Our high-quality gear is lightweight and easy to use. We have everything you need for a successful bikepacking trip.

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Reviewed By: Dutch (Thom Ressler) - Dutch started Dutchware after thru-hiking the entire 2,200-miles of the Appalachian Trail with a hammock. During his journey, Dutch learned that there wasn’t high-quality hammocking gear available on the market so he began to create his own.

He began manufacturing the Dutch Clip, which he invented to connect the webbing suspension around the tree. Next was the Chameleon Hammock which offers superior flexibility for hammockers. Today Dutchware sells over 1,000 outdoor gear products to provide backpackers with high-quality equipment that allows them to enjoy the outdoors with a minimalist approach.

Dutch is passionate about providing the hammocking community with the highest quality gear along with the highest quality information to ensure they have the best outdoor experience possible.

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