Fun Winter Camping Activities

December 27, 2021

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Fun Winter Camping Activities

Has cabin fever struck your household? Are you rapidly running out of ways to keep your kids — and yourself — entertained throughout the long, cold days of winter? You should consider winter camping.

While winter camping has some big differences from summer camping, you can make it a memorable trip for you and your family with some advanced preparation. Make sure you pack enough gear to keep yourself and your children safe and comfortable. Let your imagination run wild as you plan fun winter activities for the entire family.

Winter Camping Activities for the Whole Family

Camping during the winter creates unique opportunities for lasting family memories. Check out these ideas for fun winter camping activities:


  • Make snow angels: Making snow angels is an easy and fun activity for kids and adults of all ages.
  • Build a snow fort: Pack the snow into walls or other shapes to make a snow fort or igloo. Help your children design a safe snow fort that won’t collapse.
  • Sit around a campfire: Warm up around a campfire after playing in the snow all day. Drink hot chocolate, roast marshmallows, hotdogs, or another warm treat, and share your favorite winter memories.
  • Go on a snowmobiling trip: Whether you own a snowmobile or you’re renting one for the day, snowmobiling is a fun activity for a whole family. Many state parks have designated snowmobile trails, or you can attach a sled or tube to your snowmobile and pull your kids behind you in an open field.
  • Try sledding: Find a safe, snow-covered hill and use your favorite sled, tube, or saucer for a fun downhill thrill. Ensure the hill is free of rocks, trees, and other obstacles to stay safe.
  • Go ice fishing: If you’re camping near a frozen lake, you may be able to find an ice fishing outrigger that supplies the tools you need to catch a fish of epic proportions.
  • Have fun ice skating or playing hockey: If ice fishing isn’t your family’s thing, you can try your hand at ice skating or a game of hockey. Skating or playing hockey outdoors will be a different experience from a rink and may spark a lifelong interest.


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