Is it Too Hot to Go Hammocking?

July 13, 2021

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Is It Too Hot to Go Hammocking?

Summer is approaching, which means you may be wondering how hot is too hot for hammocking and camping. The answer usually varies depending on the humidity, night temperature, and your activities for that day. Below, learn some hot-weather camping hacks to help yourself stay cool.

How Hot Is Too Hot for Hammocking?

In general, the highest temperatures for comfortable hammocking are 95 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and low 80s during the night. However, the appropriate camping temperatures will depend on your environment.

One hundred degrees with no humidity is usually easier to tolerate than 95 degrees with 80% humidity. High humidity will make you feel uncomfortable and sweaty all day. Similarly, 90 degrees when you’re in direct sunlight all day is too hot, but 95 degrees when you are in the water with shade coverage is okay. Consider the total heat index and not just the air temperature, and think about what you’ll be doing.

The nighttime temperature is also important to look at. If it’s 95 during the day and much lower during the night, like around 60 degrees, you’re in great shape! If you’re too uncomfortable to sleep, you risk not enjoying your trip. Anything over 85 degrees as a low nighttime temperature will probably be too high to be comfortable.

What temperature is too hot for camping? If the heat index is above 105 degrees, it’s likely too dangerous to go hammocking. High temperatures and direct sunlight can lead to sunburn, dehydration, and heatstroke, so always put your safety first.

Making Hot-Weather Hammocking Comfortable

If you’ll be hammocking in hot weather, you need to make a few preparations to be more comfortable. When planning your trip, make sure there are areas with shade and water in case the temperatures get too high.

Wear light and breathable clothes that provide coverage. The appropriate clothing will help keep the sun, bugs, and brush from damaging your skin while ensuring you don’t get too hot. Moisture-wicking fabric will help you stay dry. You may also need a hat and eye protection.

If you can, bring a fan to use while you’re sleeping. A fan will help cool you down if the nighttime temperatures are not low enough. You will need airflow! If insects might bother you, use a netted hammock to get a cool breeze without the bug bites.

Pack plenty of water and electrolyte-providing food and drinks. Bring sunscreen, and don’t forget to apply it often. The same goes with bug spray. If you’re near water or anywhere with mosquitos, you’ll want to keep them away with a mosquito-repellent device.

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